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and browse our full programme of Spring 2021 creative writing courses, all run via Zoom video call!

What a time to be a writer. We have been discussing the advantages and disadvantages of having an imagination at this time in our weekly writers’ process group!

We offer 6 week courses on poetry, life writing, novella, short story, exploring your writing, and prioritising your established writing project. Cost, £125. When you sign up to one of our options for the new year you will get lots of benefits:

1) Weekly contact with a friendly group of writers

2) Engaging and inspiring writing exercises to do inside and outside the virtual classroom

3) Chance to make real (not virtual!) progress with your work

4) Opportunity to join Monday and Friday process and feedback groups, and read at/attend Zoom sharing salons

5) Sense of purpose and achievement

6) An escape into your writing world

We have been using the technology successfully to deliver all our options since lockdown started. We hope you will join us!

Kate & the Writing Room team

Enabling writers, celebrating writing, creating a community