Who We Are

Welcome to TULIP Peer2Peer Learning Ltd., the home of the CLOCK learning and professional development programmes. Our story began in March 2016 when Denise Stanley-Chard, a staunch advocate for non-formal education and social inclusion, teamed up with Manoj Ambasna, the energetic CEO of Collage Arts – a charity deeply rooted in cultural learning and social inclusion for over 30 years.

Our Journey So Far

Our foundation is built on over three decades of hands-on facilitation, action research, and collaborative engagements with a wide range of employers, freelance practitioners, and service providers across 15 countries. Through EU-funded programmes like Euro-Aspire, Aspire2Create, the European Cultural Learning Network, Break-in the Desk, and Amico, orchestrated by Dr. Denise Stanley-Chard on behalf of Collage Arts, we discovered shared core competencies for cultural learning and nurturing creative enterprises across Europe. This insightful exploration led to the birth and growth of the CLOCK programmes.

Our Vision

“We make invisible skills visible and valued.” This simple yet powerful ethos echoes through our programmes, cultivating a culture of recognition and appreciation for the diverse skills each individual brings to the table.

Our Mission

Elevate a globally diverse workforce by transcending traditional industry boundaries. CLOCK is committed to empowering individuals, particularly those underserved by formal education, with a pathway to recognition and accredited qualifications. Our innovative programmes are tailored to acknowledge and certify expertise across various sectors, blending business acumen with creative insights.

We advocate for holistic professional development, fostering a worldwide community where every skill, visible or invisible, gains recognition and respect. By integrating business strategies, cultural diversity, and collaborative learning, CLOCK redefines professional excellence in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Connect with the CLOCK community at the forthcoming live music showcase on Wednesday 14 February. More info