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Our favourite local venue, Karamel, may be closed for the time being, but the spirit of live music continues….  We are very pleased to announce that we are part of the EFG London Jazz Festival 2020

Collage Arts will be hosting a series of free online gigs at Karamel from Friday 13 November to Sunday 22 November 2020.  Watch all our events over on Karamel music online (youtube)

The artists, bands and musicians taking part are thrilled to have an opportunity to perform together in the venue since lockdown and have their music streamed online (even though it will be without an audience due to current restrictions).  The bands cover a wide spectrum of Jazz, Soul, Samba and World Music that will take audiences from North to West Africa, Middle East to Brazil, and back to the UK.  Taking part are:  Zantogola | Cosimo Keita Trio | Jay Phelps Quartet | Yaz Fentazi Duo | Philip Clouts Quartet | Henry Lowther’s Still Waters | Da Bossa Nova ao Samba Jazz with Mario Bakuna Band | Tomorrow’s Warriors night | Anoushka Lucas | Pigfoot | Ubunye


Collage Arts ‘in-person’ events at Karamel are on pause whilst the venue is closed during Covid-19 and we will resume in 2021.   

At Collage Arts, we’re constantly striving to create fun, cultural and vibrant events.  Our productions include jazz world and live music, film screenings, spoken word, poetry, and a plethora of artistic cultural events.

We aim to bring diversity to all our events, especially our music, bringing a range of vocals and experimental sound – from world music, salsa, jazz through to indie, classical and folk artists.

Alongside our music gigs, we frequently hold private views, exhibitions and festivals for all members of the family including Collage Kids club!

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