zer0classikal: Raga Jogkauns [21/10/13]

One of the world’s oldest music is finally getting a shake up!

The zerOclassikal project is a radical approach to south Asian classical music, aiming to provide British born and trained musicians the voice and platform to explore what their identity brings to the ‘ancient’ musical genre.

The Project is an initiative by zeroculture in partnership with The Cockpit and Collage Arts, to facilitate progressions, experiments and developments of the genre, featuring new raags, new interpretations, compositions & improvisations, including music for classical dance such as Kathak through performances, ‘open to the public’ workshops, discussions and seminars.

In the intimate setting of the Cockpit, a deliberate setting as opposed to the larger concert hall environment, the project enforces a type of engagement between the musician and audience that is at the heart of south Asian classical music.

This event runs monthly on Mondays.  Forthcoming 2013 shows:  21st Oct, 20th Nov & 9th Dec  – 7.30pm


Monday 21st October at the Cockpit –  7.30pm

Raga JogKauns:  sitar by Jasdeep Singh Degun

Leeds born sitarist Jasdeep Singh Degun, brings a meeting of ragas – Jog and Malkauns, each distinctive, highly developed and wanting to complete each other, yet that process is also characterized by their setting to oppose each other. Malkauns has airs of being majestic, powerful and commanding, while Jog is playful, romantic and frivolous.
In JogKauns, Jasdeep strives to bring completeness, balance and grounding. Like in any Indian Classical music performance, he wrestles with the unknown of where that journey may take, but the start is with those very important precepts inherent in all of us – to seek fulfilment with the other.


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In Association with Collage Arts, The Artta & Cockpit Theatre. Funded by Arts Council of England

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