Vaughn Melzer – Chocolate Factory Artist

Vaughan Melzer entered the above image for the Lauderdale Photo competition 2010, under the category ‘Communication’, and was Runner Up.

Although untitled, the story behind it is bemusing, and Melzer calls this image ‘Revenge’ or ‘Obsession’.

In her own words: “I was wandering through a beautiful national trust garden, when I come across an unexpected view of a nearby mountain I had not seen from any other place nearby. There appeared to be someone on its conical summit. Having my binoculars with me for once, I looked through them and was amazed to see that the ‘person’ was, in fact, a red telephone box. The mountain was about 1000 feet high and apart from some forestry and the grass, it was devoid of anything else. Asking around, I was told by some of the locals that a farmer had been so angry at being refused planning permission for a project, that he took revenge by planting this telephone box over the asphalt trig point. The next day, I climbed the mountain and took my pictures. The farmer had actually built a road for the tractor to within about 200 metres of the summit.” Vaughan Melzer more info

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