Network of social enterprises

Collage Art is part of the Rinova Consortium, a network of social enterprises finding employment for young people by engagement in arts and sports.

The Rinova Consortium has been established to support Prime Contractors to deliver the Work Programme, in our case with the following focus:
• Our prime target group is Young Adults, 18-24;
• Our consortium is pan-London;
• In this context, we offer end to end provision, utilising artistic and cultural expression, the creative industries, sport, health and active leisure to engage with those not in the labour market;
• We have extensive reach with employers in these growing job sectors, through our support programmes to SMEs, our experience of FJF, our links to Sector Skills Councils and of apprenticeships;
• Our programmes have also been shown to be highly successful at fostering key employability skills for jobs in the wider economy, where a destination in the specified industries is not preferred or is not practical.

The Rinova Consortium consists of a unique network of employer-linked, long-standing voluntary and independent employability and skills organisations, the founding members of which include:

Collage Arts, WAC Performing Arts and Media College, TAG, Metropolitan Housing Trust, 15billion and Fashion Enter.

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