Karamel Kids Club [16th March 2013]

Storytelling with Booster Cushion Theatre’s friend Mike Dodsworth.

Mike specialises in physically energetic telling with an emphasis on interacting with his audiences and bringing stories to life.

Booster Cushion Phil: “Can’t wait for this treat, I’ll be there for one of my favorite storytellers.”

Sat 16th March from 11am
Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ
Tel: 0208 829 8989

Tickets £4.50 children only adults free.


Booster returns to Karamel with:’Alan in Wonderland and the 3 Goats Plus…’
Alan rescues his sister Alice, The Troll, from a Tea party.
April 27th @ 11am

Visit our web site for an outline of all the forthcoming productions www.booster-cushion.co.uk  and Tel: 01727 873 847 to discuss our work.

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