Haringey Literature Live

Thursday 11th September

We proudly host Word for Word Writers Group
Doors open at 7pm for readings 8pm 

Karamel restaurant, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ

Headed by poet Brian Docherty, and also featuring writers Lynda Brennan, Mary Masaba and Jane Wibberley, the Word for Word writers, a Crouch End based group, will entertain us!

Word for Word is a group which meets on Wednesdays at 3pm in Hornsey Library, Crouch End. It is a friendly mixed group of poets, prose writers, novelists, filmmakers, musicians and other creative people who gather to write, and share their work. Word for Word reflects the cosmopolitan nature of Crouch End; this group of men & women whose ages range from 20 to 80 features native Londoners and people from a rich variety of ethnic & cultural backgrounds who have settled in London. Word for Word runs a mixture of peer-led  sessions run by group members, and sessions led by professional writers.

Word for Word has a weekly Poetry Group on Tuesdays, and a Saturday writing group at Wood Green Library. They stage quarterly performance evenings featuring members reading their work, live jazz, and floor spots. Most of Word for Word’s members live locally. It is an open access group with a membership structure, and has a Management Committee with sub-groups who take responsibility for areas such as Finance, Publications, Events, Membership and Tutor Booking. Members regularly receive a Calendar of events and information on the group’s various activities. Come along and find out more!

Brian Docherty was born in Glasgow and now lives on north London. He has published three books of poetry: Armchair TheatreDesk with a View; Woke up this Morning.

Lynda Brennan grew up in Lancashire but now lives and works in Haringey. She is a drama teacher and has worked for many years in schools in Haringey and Islington. Lynda has just finished her first Young Adult novel, Looked After Boy, a story based on insights she gained fostering children. She also writes short stories and is the Artistic Director of the newly formed Tottenham Theatre. At present she is directing Tullby Phil Vasili.

Mary Irene Masaba writes children’s stories. A teacher and a newsreader for Radio Uganda/Uganda Television, she relocated to the UK in the 80s and worked as an outreach worker. She was a runner-up in the T. S. Eliot International Short Story Competition 2007. Loving Relatives is her a novel in progress.

Jane Wibberley writes and illustrates satirical tales about animals, plants and invented creatures. At various times she has been a playwright, a performer, a puppeteer, and an animator.

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