Gaby’s Journey

Gaby’s Journey: “I’ve always had a keen interest in dance and started volunteering with a few youth companies – Ppl, School of Hoxton. and Dimensions Dance. Joining the apprenticeship at Collage Arts widened my interests into other creative areas. I’ve gained a few links to the industry and a basic knowledge about sound engineering and videography. I think one of the strongest skills I have taken away with me would be Artistic Directing.”

“Monsta Mask is a concept video – highlighting expression of freedom, as I feel many people become socially suppressed underneath a ‘Mask’ and try to fit in. I wanted to create something that urges people to love and feel comfortable as they are and remember that we all have the right to be ourselves. There is a lot of false advertisement of what women or men must look and act like, and with social networks on the rise many people create online personas, flashing fancy cars/tons of make up/women with surgery. People tend to realise that it is what’s inside that counts and your attitude is what people will remember you for, not your assets.”

“Enjoy… and if you’re looking for an artistic director or choreographer, connect with me online”

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