Feijoada @ Karamel [17.12.11]

Throughout 2012 Karamel will be hosting a variety of evenings showcasing the delicious food and joyful music of Brazil.

To wet your appetite Karamel will be holding a Feijoada evening on Saturday 17th December 2011 with food prepared and served by guest chef Ricardo Arnostti.

Feijoada is a Brazilian speciality, a rich dish of black beans cooked with succulent cuts of pork. It will be served alongside Brazilian style rice, farofa (mandonica flour lightly fried with bacon), greens, oranges and Brazilian fejioada chilli sauce.

A vegetarian version will be on offer with the same delightfully intense flavours. (Vegan can be prepared when booked in advance.)

Dinner will be served from 7pm. £9.95 for Feijoada buffet (drinks not included)

Bookings 020 8829 8989 or email [email protected]


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