Delfin Ortiz Djian Exhibition [11 April- 29 May]

For his first ever solo show, Karamel will be hosting a selection of Delfin’s creations, ranging from vivid painted glass to geometric sculptures and patterns. Influenced by minimalism and abstract expressionism, the pieces on show will transport the viewer to two different universes, where Delfin explores the sensuality and obscurity of geometry through patterns and textures. He uses a range of techniques to great effect, drawing from design and architectural practices to craft impermanent structures that captivate the audience.
His paintings are a conversation based on previous facts that he has witnessed, actively participated or experienced. The gestural element creates a certain dynamic that goes beyond the perceptual concerns, generating a kind of saturated body that finds its presence in a place that never stands still. Each work is the evolution of the previous one. Each of them allows the space, movement and shape as a singular form.

The Delfin Ortiz Djian Exhibition will be available to view at Karamel from 11th April to 29th May 2014.



The Karamel Club

4 Coburg Road

Wood Green

N22 6UJ

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