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Talent Match London

drawing of wood green's chocolate factory with multicoloured hue smoke coming out of the various chimneys

This promo created by young people on Talent Match London shows the uniqueness and range of the Talent Match creative projects. In 2016, these included an immersive theatre production, digital storytelling for a Heritage project, creating promotional videos for large employers to raise awareness of career opportunities, running an Information Channel for jobless young people, as well as running festivals, markets and cafes.

Talent Match London has been designed by young people as a new approach to tackling youth unemployment. It aims to:

  •  connect young people to opportunities
  •  build trust and confidence
  •  nurture talent and develop skills
  •  shape productive careers and pathways develop employability skills

With a particular emphasis on supporting those young people facing the biggest barriers aged 18-24 years old, Talent Match London is delivered through a collaboration of over 30 third sector partner organisations across the capital. The programme is part of the Big Lottery Fund’s £100m, nationwide Talent Match initiative which is focussing on 21 youth unemployment hotspots across the country.

Talent Match London has adopted a youth-led approach to supporting long-term unemployed young people into positive, productive futures and takes young people through a Journey of Change. By working with young people, employers and organisations firmly grounded in the community, Talent Match London will help young people not only find work but navigate fulfilling and long lasting careers.

Talent Match London has been designed to provide the skills, confidence, resilience, networks and give the sustained backing that young people might need as they set out to navigate fulfilling career pathways. By providing personalised one-to-one support to all young people on the programme, we believe Talent Match London will help more of them achieve meaningful and sustainable jobs and opportunities and help those facing the biggest barriers to overcome them.

“With the Talent Match London journey, you will get all the necessary and desired skills required by employers” – Marie, Youth Board

“Talent Match London is about helping the next generation find out what they’re good at to get the careers they want” – Jace, Youth Board

Collage Arts is the lead partner delivering in North London (Haringey, Enfield and Waltham Forest) with: Rinova and KORI.

The team in North London are offering an innovative #DiscoverYourTalent model incorporating Creative Industries and Innovation, Youth Work, Mentoring, School of Life, Career Coaching and Entrepreneurial Support encompassing Five Pillars that have been identified by young people as missing for those furthest away from the job market: targeted outreach, personalised support, transferable skills, job ready skills and employer engagement.

Collage Arts and its partners support the unique approach of Talent Match London which brings together young people, third sector organisations, employers and stakeholders to work in an innovative way to help young Londoners develop their long term careers prospects.


Find out more about the London-wide programme by visiting the Talent Match London website or contact the North London Talent Match Hub at Chocolate Factory 2 on 020 8829 8983 or by emailing

Talent Match London is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and led by London Youth.