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COLLAGE WORKS, Collage Arts enterprise team, have moved training activities, events and enrollment processes to online systems for the foreseeable future.

Training is delivered by video conferencing, with email and phone support.  The latest events are listed below.  A series of business podcasts is now available on Spotify or Anchor FM.

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Collage Works activities


17/03/2020 – Animation – How to use Adobe After Effects? (taster event)

20/03/2020 – Building a Client Base (webinar) with Holly-Marie Cato (employer engagement session)

27/03/2020 – Failure to Succeed (webinar) The Art of Bouncing Back (employer engagement session)

31/03/2020 – TV Production (webinar) with James Dean (employer engagement event)

14/04/2020 – Are you focussed? (webinar) with Gavin Spears (employer engagement event)

15/04/2020Free online tools (taster event)

27/04/2020Audio Visual Production at Spotify (webinar) with Kelly Teh (employer engagement session)

12/05/2020A Conversation with Art Director (webinar) with Niall Moroney (employer engagement session)

20/05/2020Video Production – A taster session on narrative and editing (taster event)

22/05/2020Digital Marketing (webinar) with Gianfranco Chicco (employer engagement session)

27/05/2020Relevant and Effective Advertising Campaigns (webinar) with Simin (employer engagement sessions)

29/05/2020Pixar Shader with No Chill with Francisco de la Torre (taster event)

05/06/2020Delivering Ideas (webinar) with Adoabi (employer engagement session)

09/06/2020 Video Production A taster session on navigating the software (taster event)

10/06/2020Life inside The Bake-Off with Richard McKerrow (employer engagement session)

24/06/2020 – Video Production A taster session on editing the content (taster event)

30/06/2020 – Video Production A taster session on editing the soundtrack (taster event)

01/07/2020 – Art and Inclusivity with Paul Hobson (employer engagement session)

08/07/2020Video Production A taster session on using text and shape graphics (taster event)

15/07/2020Video Production A taster session on colour correction and effects (taster event)

05/08/2020Diaries of a Creative Worker with Sophie Marschner (employer engagement session)

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