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Collage Works delivers enterprise support and consultancy for creative businesses at critical times. We also provide training and accreditation in the creative industries. Our overarching aim is to diversify the workforce of the creative industries so that it better reflects the make-up of London. 

We are funded to deliver a range of programmes. They are often designed with a specific group in mind, so there may be geographic criteria (such as targeting Tottenham) or age limits (such as 18-24 years) attached to the programme. That said we strive to make our programmes fully accessible. 

Since March 2020, our work mostly takes place online. Initially this was a response to the Covid pandemic, but we quickly realised most people found this a more flexible approach to content delivery – so it is here to stay.

Our business podcasts with creative industry professionals are available to listen on Spotify and Anchor FM.

You can sign up for a taster or webinar here

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Enterprise support and consultancy

N17 Creative Callings: Do you live in Tottenham or have a creative business located there?  You can obtain support business development support and training for your existing staff and help finding new talent to build your business.  

So far around 50 business have been supported with consultancy and training. Around 30 people have completed accredited training programmes and hundreds more have accessed our on-line training and professional development sessions. Podcasts are available of some of these sessions.

Employer engagement sessions delivered so far as part of N17 Creative Callings included: 

  • Building a client base with Holly-Marie Cato 
  • Failure to succeed: The Art of Bouncing Back
  • Are you focussed? with Gavin Spears 
  • Audio visual production at Spotify with Kelly Teh
  • A Conversation with Art Director with Niall Moroney [Podcast available]
  • Digital Marketing with Gianfranco Chicco [Podcast available]
  • Relevant and Effective Advertising Campaigns with Simin
  • Delivering Ideas with Adoabi 
  • Life inside The Bake-Off with Richard McKerrow
  • Art and Inclusivity with Paul Hobson
  • Diaries of a Creative Worker with Sophie Marschner
  • Staying Relevant in the Age of Covid-19 with Yasmine Balfour-Lynn

N17 Creative Callings is designed to build the vibrant talent in the Tottenham Creative Enterprise Zone. This is a free program, co-funded by the Mayor of London and the European Social Fund. This programme runs until 2021.  

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Could your business benefit from employing a 16 to 24-year-olds from the government funded Kickstart scheme? We can help you access a paid 6-month work placement. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have found they face unprecedented challenges. Perhaps the skills you need will be found and nurtured in a local young person. 

“Many organisations will have a tough time ahead building back better. This scheme helps employers to get a fresh perspective on their business, whilst launching the career of a young person.” Toby Fernandes, Head of Collage Works

Collage Arts was selected to deliver the Kickstart Scheme in the creative industries from early 2021. We can work with you all the way. Developing the job specification, notifying the XXX database to list the job, support recruitment and selection and on-going training through the placement.


Training and access to employment 

Trainees work on placements or creative projects within Collage Arts to build up transferable skills and work for their portfolios:

May- July 2021      Training Opportunities:  Creative, digital media & music/performing arts 

Collage Arts is working with Haringey Adult Learning to present a range of training opportunities in creative media and music/ performance skills.

To qualify you need to be over 19 and living in London. You should be either economically inactive or earning less than the London living wage, for the work you do. This training will help widen your skills base and, in some cases, can lead to you get a recognised qualification to help you access further education or employment. 


January- December 2021 Kickstart Placement:

If you are 16 to 24-year-old and currently on Universal Credit – Kickstart could help you get a paid 6-month work placement. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have found they face unprecedented challenges. Many of the skills they need

Collage Arts selected by the government to deliver the Kickstart Scheme in the creative industries from early 2021.

Don’t qualify for Kickstart?  We have other programmes that can deliver unpaid placements with creative businesses in Tottenham. 

Are you a non-binary or a woman of colour? 

Collage Works is consulting on a Heritage Lottery funded. This is exploring the feasibility a project like 50 women of colour reclaim English history case study below, but from a non-binary and queer perspective. This would be a safe-space for this community to explore and reclaim its history.

Interested? Please contact






Additional training offer focused on Tottenham

N17 Creative Callings: If you live or work in Tottenham and work as a creative freelancer you should register to access training, coaching and supported placements. You might work in the creative industries or offer creative services like marketing, or software development to businesses in any sector. 

Check out the latest training courses. The enrolment, training services, advice and events are delivered by video conferencing, with email and phone support. This supports our drive for safer, more accessible delivery that supports a better work-life balance.

Training delivered so far as part of N17 Creative Callings included: 

  • Animation – How to use Adobe After Effects? 
  • TV Production with James Dean [Podcast available]

Taster events have included: 

  • Accessing free online tools 
  • Pixar Shader with No Chill with Francisco de la Torre [Podcast available]
  • Video Production:
    • Narrative and editing 
    • Navigating the software 
    • Editing the content
    • Editing the soundtrack 
    • Using text and shape graphics
    • Colour correction and effects (taster event)

N17 Creative Callings is designed to build the vibrant talent in the Tottenham Creative Enterprise Zone. This is a free program, co-funded by the Mayor of London and the European Social Fund. This programme runs until 2021.  

N17 Creative Callings registration


Collage Works produce a series of podcasts from the N17 Creative Callings programme. These four industry talks are aimed at emerging professionals in the audio-visual and events sector. These are edited versions they don’t include all of the interactivity. Our speakers generously agreed to these versions being shared, but the question and answer sessions at the live events draw our more specific and detailed responses, which are for the live audience only.

 Niall Moroney discusses film making in lockdown. Niall was the supervising art director for critically acclaimed films including Atonement, Mary Poppins Returns, Sherlock Holmes and multi-award-winning 1917. 

 Francisco DeLaTorre  discusses his work as a shading and matte paint technical artist. Francisco has been at Pixar Animation Studios for 11 years and has worked on films including: The Blue Umbrella and Cars 3, and as a sequence lead on Toy Story 4. 

Producer and director James Dean talks about his career in television at the time his hit series Liar was being broadcast on ITV. He shares tips on how to get a steady flow of work in television.

Digital Marketing with Gianfranco Chicco: How can we be relevant, useful and entertaining in this overcrowded digital world? Conference director, marketing strategist and writer Gianfranco analyses the latest trends in digital marketing to explain what really gets our products into people’s hands. 

These podcasts are available on Spotify or Anchor FM.

Case Study: 50 Women of Colour Reclaim English History

Can’t Be What You Can’t See

Think back on every history lesson you every had. Now ask yourself – did I ever learn about people of colour within English history? The answer is almost certainly no. 

Project curators, Sarah Buller and Dowa Ojarikre, felt strongly that inspirational women of colour had been left out of history. Sexism and racial discrimination at many levels which limits their visibility and influence. So, they decided to create a project that would be playful, creative and build confidence by learning about the history of women in the UK.

With financial support of a Big Lottery grant Collage Works created a training studio. It recruited a team to produce an installation which challenged narratives that dictate who is celebrated in our history books.

Over the eleven months 50 young women of colour worked on this project curated by Collage Works. Together they creatively responded to the lives of five women. The result is an exhibition called You Can’t Be What You Can’t See. 

The exhibition came at a time when the Brexit debate meant that there was a great deal of toxic rhetoric about immigration. Institutional racism was evident in both the Windrush enquiry and failure to support survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. 

These factors led many people of colour to question their sense of what it means to be a Londoner. The idea of “belonging” became a sensitive and politically charged topic.

Dowa Ojarikre said: “We hope this project and exhibition will help empower women of colour in their everyday life, and allow them to better understand their identity. Whilst also encouraging the wider community to learn our real history.”

Dowa explains how the project worked. “We had a series of workshops that combined reviewing archive material and a focus on one of five creative practices; photography, film, set design, visual art and spoken word. The creative team, who were mostly under 30, have been able to learn new skills, gain experience and build their portfolios. We hope that this will lead to many of these talented women getting opportunities to take up roles in the creative industries where women of colour are grossly under-represented.” Feedback from the women taking part suggest that they increased their confidence and built transferable skills.  

The exhibition evolved into an immersive experience in a purpose-built set based on a contemporary Black woman’s bedroom. Dowa continues, “by setting this exhibition in a familiar interior we hope this it will make people feel more at home.  This isn’t the sort of exhibition which has the exhibits behind gold ropes, we really want to visitors to interact with the set and enter our reimagined world.’

The subjects that are celebrated in the exhibition are: 

  • Queen Philippa of Hainault (1310-1369) Celebrated in film.
  • Catalina de Cadones, lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon (1492- 1531) Celebrated in photography. 
  • Seaman William Brown (1790 -?)
  • Lilian Bader (1918 -2015) Celebrated in visual art.
  • Zaha Hadid (1950 -2016) 

Sarah Buller explains. “I learnt more about my heritage through the internet than at school. I couldn’t understand why these stories were left out of history.  I am proud that 50 BAME women have been able to shine a light on the lack of inclusion of BAME British women in mainstream history.”

They Came Before Us: A History of Women of Colour in the UK was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The project acknowledges the support of the Museum of London, Black Cultural Archives, Feminist Library and The National Archives for their help in accessing source material. 

Can’t Be What You Can’t See e-book 

Creative Callings Case Study

Semsah: Challenging Fast Fashion One Stitch at a Time

Susanna is concerned about the environmental impact of what has become known as fast fashion. She says “there is no such thing as away. When something is thrown away it goes somewhere.” That somewhere is too often landfill. 

The solution that Susanna Mensha developed Semsah. This is a platform that provides sewing tutorials designed to upcycle and extend the life of clothes that we no longer love. 

During her time at N17 Creative Callings Susanna produced a trailer which you can watch below. This video has been central to developing awareness of her brand awareness. She has been able to use this promotional tool across all of her social platforms. 

Susanna Mensah said: “Working with N17 Creative Callings has helped me tell my brand story through video. Editing in such a way that is easy for my targeted audience to comprehend the brand ethos.”

Sarah Buller, from Collage Works says: “I was inspired by the Semsah brand that Susanna created. It is tackling a serious environmental issue in a way that makes us think again about what we wear and what that says about us. The sewing tutorials empowering households with lasting skills that can be passed down to the next generation. They help us all save money and  feel-good that we are helping the environment.”

Website YoutubeInstagram @semsahfashion

Read the article in full here

Creative Callings Case Study 

Millicent Binks’ Funny Business with the Rug Doctor 

Comedian and writer Millicent Binks was looking to boost her profile.  She developed the branding, look and feel and voice of her comic creation. What she didn’t yet know was how to present herself online. Her plan was to draw in more followers online as a step towards gaining commissioned comedy work in the future.

Sarah Buller of Collage Works said: “Millicent came on our social media and content creation programs. This meant she benefited from 16 training sessions and mentoring. What happened next is a good example of how creatives can find themselves with some unexpected commercial opportunities.”

Millicent volunteered to read the news round-up for Funny Women a social media site that champions female comedians.

When started posting videos and sketches to her own account, her work took an unexpected twist. She made a comedy video in which she tagged the brand Rug Doctor. The firm got in touch with Millicent and commissioned her to make them a comic video for Valentines’ day 2020. 

In 2020 Millicent Binks film Ladies, Have We Progressed? 1920’s-2020’s was shortlisted for a comedy short film award.