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Kicking off our new series of highlighting creatives and their practices!

Introducing mural artist Eloisa (@eloisa.artist), a participant from our N17 Creative Callings Video production.

Who specialises “in transforming spaces into exciting and colour places for people to enjoy, my mission in life is to bring colour and joy to the world through my art and I just want to make people feel happier in spaces and bring some much needed joy to grey spaces.”

Eloisa used our N17 video production course to gain confidence in making videos from start to finish and now feels confident making videos for clients and for social media.


Eloisa took part in our N17 Video Production course. She joined the N17 Creative Callings project in March 2022. She was working as a freelancer Mural designer and painter and wanted to upskill her video production skills so she could create better promotional videos to showcase her work on social media/website and ultimately secure more work in creating murals.

Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa

In June 2022, Eloisa said: “Everyone has been super-supportive and friendly and willing to help. I have felt welcomed into the group and the teaching and running of sessions has been really good. I already feel confident to start editing outside of the course and can’t wait to make more of my own videos!”


Eloisa achieved Level 3 skills in Digital Video Production for Interactive Media. Her new skills enabled her to post better videos on her social media platform and website, which reached out to wider audiences.

She increased her commission work and made a good improvement in her labour market status.

With the new production skills learned on the course, she now creates video for internal and external projects, and her Instagram feed is always vibrant and interactive.


Eloisa describes her time on the course: “It has been such a useful course in so many ways. I learnt the skills to be able to make a video from start to finish. It’s something that if I had tried to learn on my own I would have found super overwhelming and probably wouldn’t have even tried. It has

allowed me to make videos for paying clients and has made me better at making videos for social media. I know the process now and I feel confident in my abilities to make videos.”

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