Zero Classikal: Basement Sessions

The zerOclassikal project, a partnership between zeroculture and Collage Arts continues to offer a radical approach to south Asian classical music, aiming to provide British born and trained musicians the voice and platform to explore what their identity brings to the ‘ancient’ musical genre . The Project facilitates progressions, experiments and developments of the genre, featuring commissions of new ragas, new interpretations, compositions, and improvisations.

Events This Season:

Doors 7pm, Music starts at 8pm

Wed May 25th: Achuthan Sripathmanathan


Celebrating British talent in our Basement sessions, Violinist Achuthan re-launches our programme this year with an intimate and relaxed Carnatic concert with a slightly different sound! Drawing in on his experiences through touring with leading artists and his exceptional training, Achuthan brings to the stage his own distinctive style of performance that is something not to be missed.




Wed June 29th:Janan Sathiendran

tabla zeroclassikal



London’s young and emerging talent, Janan takes centre-stage and presents an energetic and exciting Tabla solo, creating explosive rhythmic patterns with technical flare. All this with a slightly modern twist producing his own unique sound to this traditional art form.




July 27th:Abi Sampa
Abi Sampa
Known for her performance on the Voice, multi-talented Abi Sampa and her band of brilliant musicians present a unique blend of sounds drawing in on inspiration from Qawwali, Carnatic and Western music. Through her captivating voice, virtuosity on the harmonium and ability to coax beautiful sounds from the ancient Veena, Abi presents a new style of music where different sounds come together to create musical bliss!


Tickets are £8 or you can take advantage of our special season ticket, entry to all 3 shows May-July for only £15!

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