zer0classikal: RAGANINI – Kuljit Bhamra Ensemble [Wed 15th Oct]

The new season of zer0classikal events begins on Wednesday 15th October giving artists and musicians a platform to experiment and explore new interpretations of south Asian classical music.

A specially commissioned piece in development that embodies the spirit of zer0classical from music pioneer Kuljit Bhamra of a new raag composed from instrumentation of Celtic Harp, Clarinet, Marimba, Indian classical vocals, and, of course, his own unique set of tabla based percussion.

Raganini is Kuljit’s first foray into classical composition that explores melodic dialogue with pure rhythm, bringing the rich textures of his attitudinal approach. Brought up in Southall, Kuljit’s self taught Indian music enterprise has earned him unprecedented accolades, distinctions, respect and recognition. His range has covered Bhangra production to high-end classical composition including musical direction on several productions such as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bombay Dreams.

The zerOclassikal project… / a radical approach to south Asian classical music / a platform for artists to experiment, explore and stamp their identity with new raags, new interpretations, compositions & improvisations /


Karamel Club, 4 Coburg Road, Wood Green, London N22 6UJ – doors open 7pm