Women in Jazz

“Women have always played an integral role in shaping the history of Jazz, yet represent only 5% of instrumentalists in Jazz UK.” Women in Jazz at the Wilderness Festival 2021.

We meet the women in and around the EFG London Jazz Festival 2021 (EFG LJF) at Karamel from jazz singer-songwriters to musicians, composers, talent developers and jazz promotions.  


Joko Magic aka Hanna Marchant, “passionate and vibrant” Jazz RnB and Afrobeats saxophonist played with Rio Kai’s Do Not Assume at EFG LJF opening gig at Karamel last Friday.   


Hannah Horton “refreshing and special” – saxophonist and composer, has a new single release, Keep Walking   An original track by Hannah, she says: “The vibe of moving on, not looking back, and knowing it is the right move for your freedom, independence, soul and resilience.” 

“Rising sax star Hannah Horton…..there’s bold and gritty playing, on both baritone and tenor sax.”  (Jazzwise on Inside Out new album, Nov 2021).

Hannah is on stage at Karamel on Thursday 18 Nov at 8pm. Info  


Fiona Ross “bold and fierce” – award winning vocalist, pianist, composer, producer, and journalist. 

“Technical virtuosity and that raw emotional drive, of an artist at the height of her game” (Jazz Quarterly)

Fiona is on stage at Karamel on Friday 19 Nov at 8pm. Info  


Maddy Shaw flute, director-founder of Girl Plays Jazz project “nurturing and empowering” – Watch a clip – https://youtu.be/19JEIgA7KJc

The Girl Plays Jazz Project is dedicated to supporting and promoting girls and young women in jazz.  Workshop on Sat 20 Nov at 10am. Info.    

Janine Irons – long standing, groundbreaking and innovator, co-founder of Tomorrow’s Warriors, brings the TW Junior Band featuring Keira Chakraborty on flute

Autumn saw the return of the monthly TW residency at Karamel with the Tomorrow’s Warriors presents Amy Gadiaga (bass/vocals) and Emily Roberts (saxophone). Amy featured at last year’s online EFG LJF. Re-watch the performance here: https://youtu.be/FeNpe_2cvjc?t=2815

Vimala Rowe singer-songwriter, “vivid and unique” – co-collaborator with John Etheridge on Sun 21 Nov, at 1pm. Listen here: https://youtu.be/TlhQayfp40E?t=19 

Vimala takes the stage at Karamel with John Etheridge on Sunday 21 Nov at 1pm. Info  

Danielle Raestar – jazz promotions. “Hugely valued, highly respected and much needed part of the jazz community”.  Here she shares some top tips for musicians  and her top picks of the festival.


For more info on the festival and for the full line-up at Karamel, visit: