WHAT’S ON THIS WEEK: 27th April – 3rd May

Wednesday 29th April – 7pm – £8

Indigo Live: Kefaya – Radio International

“Impressive musicianship” – London Evening Standard;

“Ridiculously good” – Washington Post;

“A unique voice” – Nitin Sawhney;


Fresh from their successful India tour, Kefaya are coming to the Karamel Club in London on Wed 29th April and will be performing songs from their highly anticipated album “Radio International”.

Radio International is Kefaya’s debut album although each musician within the international collective has years of performing and solo album in their portfolio. Kefaya was founded by London-based musicians and producers, Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween. Using recordings collected over years of travelling and collaborating with musicians across the globe, Radio International is the soundtrack to a journey across musical and geographical boundaries. Kefaya organically combine electronic production with virtuosic improvisation, with influences spanning across India, Europe and Africa to the Caribbean and the Middle East.
Tuned-in to the struggle for equality and liberation, Radio International broadcasts stories of migration, tales of musical encounters and sounds of resistance.
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Thursday 30th April – 10am – 12.30pm

The Art of The Short Story

Workshop practitioner: Giovanna Iozzi.

Short stories offer the reader tantalising miniature worlds; if crafted with skill and emotional truth they can have the power and resonance of novels. In these workshops we will be studying extracts from some of the great short story writers, from Anton Chekhov and Katherine Mansfield to contemporary voices like Alice Munro, George Saunders and Kevin Barry. Inspired by writing exercise and what we read we’ll start crafting our own stories, focusing on: beginnings and endings, story arc and structure, point of view, dialogue and characterisation. Students will leave the course with a completed story, anything up to 5000 words.


Thursday 30th April – 7pm – £8

Jazz at Karamel: Orquestra Mahatma


Sonia Slany, scrapy things (violin), Stuart Hall, twangy things (guitar), Alec Dankworth, plucky things (bass), Paul Clarvis, tappy and bangy things (percussion)
An eclectic band which draws heavily on international music, including Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Latin American music as well as jazz influences.
“A little miracle of home grown British Jazz” – The Independent
“Stirring and stunning experiments in Jazz without frontiers” – The Sunday Times

Friday 1st May – 1pm – FREE

Live Lunchtime Music

Aldwin Johnson performs a soulful, Ibiza style chill out set every Friday lunchtime from 1pm.


Friday 1st May – 7pm – FREE

Fat Gay Vegan presents London Vegan Drinks

Join more than 100 vegans and their friends on the first Saturday of each month for a compassionate party like no other.

London Vegan Drinks has grown since its inception in 2011 to become one of the most popular and loved vegan social events anywhere in the world. People drink. People eat. People meet without meat. People have a fabulous time.

How does London Vegan Drinks work?

You show up. You buy drinks. You buy food if you are hungry. You socialise. It is so simple, yet so effective. There is no cover charge. The bar is stocked with a huge range of vegan beers, ciders, wines, cocktails and juices.

Your host Fat Gay Vegan will have name stickers for guests to wear (it helps with breaking the ice) and will introduce you to friendly vegans if you are feeling a little shy.


Sunday 3rd May – 7pm – FREE

Reggae Sunday Sessions with DJ and Live Act