WHAT’S ON THIS WEEK: 1st – 7th June

Wednesday 3rd June – 7pm – FREE

Karousel Music Club

In association with our friends at Pledge Music, we welcome one of Australia’s hottest new acts, Jack Carty; British Americana’s favourite son Alex Lipinski; and our old friends, the wonderful harmony laden feel good of Arcelia.

/// JACK CARTY ///

“These songs have almost a purity of spirit and certainly an openness of heart. You should own this” (Esk ????).

“An album of confession and honesty, but also humour and the sublime” (Break Your Own Heart ????) .

“Sensational sophomore album…It marks him as a man to watch” (Break Your Own Heart ????).

Sees Carty move on stylistically without losing his identity or any of the qualities that make him special (The Predictable Crisis Of Modern Life ????)

Few people in Australia tour like Jack Carty.
Following the September 2014 release of his third studio album “Esk” (which landed at #7 on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association’s Album Chart and #17 on The Au Review’s list of the Best Australian Albums of 2014) and the success of its first two singles “The Joneses” and “Be Like The Water”, Jack embarked on an extensive 37-date album launch tour of Australia and New Zealand.

It may have been almost five years since his unassuming arrival on the Australian music scene, but it’s certainly not been time misspent. Jack has released three full-length albums (2011’s One Thousand Origami Birds and 2012’s Break Your Own Heart accompanying 2014’s Esk) along with two E.P’s, had songs on soundtracks, toured endlessly both nationally and internationally, written and sung with well-loved contemporaries including Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan and Dan Wilson and consistently picked up the kind of critical acclaim that only honesty in art affords.

On that front, Esk is no exception. It’s a record grounded in ideas of process and time. An album of imagery, mood, groove, grit and the kind of lyrical turn of phrase that has won Jack a dedicated and vocal fan base across Australia and the world. From the rolling, dark and hauntingly dynamic And The Ass Saw The Angel, to the hopeful, melodious invocation of The Universe (written and sung with Katie Noonan). From Honey, Do You Know The Way Back Home’s 70’s groove cradled melancholia, to the swelling string lines of My Replacement. This is an album as dynamic as it is cohesive, as venturesome as it is reflective and as playful as it is poetic.

Jack set out for the first 3 months of 2015 on another sold out national tour, before another hitting the international trail… which now brings him to Holly-Wood Green…


“Played and sung with such vigour and conviction it just sweeps you up and carries you along” – Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)

“He walks it like he talks it; the guy is the real deal” – Ralph Mclean (BBC Radio Ulster)

“Best voice I’ve heard in years. Alex blew me away” – Bonehead (Ex-Oasis)

“Alex Lipinski channels the best tones of John Lennon and Roy Orbison and makes them his own. His writing is crisp, confessional and superb” – (Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine).

“Lipinski’s future looks bright. He’s got the voice, the songs, and youth on his side” – Mick Taylor (Guitarist Magazine)

“Lipinski has a masterpiece of an album here” – Lisa Torem (Penny Black Music)

The first thing that hits you is the voice. Alex Lipinski’s caressing sympathy, full-throated resentment, and the raw rockabilly excitement of earliest Elvis have grabbed unwary listeners at clubs from the West Country to Krakow, Los Angeles to New York, since the 26-year-old moved from Weston-Super-Mare to London over three years ago. He has followed in the footsteps of his heroes Lennon and Dylan to London’s Tin Pan Alley and the Chelsea Hotel, soaking up experience evident in his urgent live conviction. The crafted intimacy of his debut album catches much of the mature musical control and adult yearning that already sets him apart. If you like Ryan Adams, this is your night.

His debut album ‘Lonesome Train’ has seen Alex gain strong critical recognition and acclaim in the National press, both in the UK and in foreign waters. National radio airplay has been greatly received , with BBC6 presenter Tom Robinson recently selecting ‘Lonesome Train’ as song of the week.

The past eighteen months has seen Alex gig extensively throughout the UK, earning a strong reputation as a live performer and gaining a number of notable fans including Liam Gallagher, Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gary Powell (The Libertines), Steve Craddock, Ralf Little, former Aston Villa manager John Gregory, amongst many others. He has been working with Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs (ex-Oasis), collaborating on a project called ‘Phoneys & The Freaks’. Their debut EP is out now on Cherry Red Records. Alex is currently recording his forthcoming solo album in Berlin. Produced by Anton Newcombe, the album is due to be released later this year on Anton’s ‘a’ recordings label.

/// ARCELIA ///

“Wonderfully warm harmonies”
“Beautiful songwriting, gentle acoustics – and HEART”
WOW Magazine
“Mighty Voices… one poignant song moved me to tears…”
Folk In The Barn
“A perfect example of the less is more mantra in operation”
Fatea Magazine
“Riveting, emotive and beauty-filled… a life affirming and memorable performance… ”
Feed Me Music/100 Club
“…the vocals across the tracks stand out as something special…the blend of harmonies lift the songs to another level… acoustic mood music of the
highest order…”
Folk & Roots
“…a very honest record created out of a genuine passion for music…”
Female First

Ten years or so ago the world might have missed out on acts like Folk/Soul trio Arcelia. Thanks in part to the digital emancipation of artists and a core fan base that refused to let them go, the net has gently snared a trio of pure heart and warmth, utterly at ease with their own cochlear tattoo. There’s no posturing or pretense – just three honest artists, joining forces and singing their lives. Three very different voices melded together in a concoction of chocolate, whisky and honey, and a dash of cajon, with a shake of piano, cello and 6 metal strings to boot. The result is a barnful of pure, harmony laden, acoustic songs that climb up and out of the roof, towering over the landscape below. The record has invited some superb early reviews, but Arcelia are one of those bands that really catch the firefly live.

Simon Foster is no stranger to the music business, with a CV that includes some serious company – George Michael, Zucchero, Natalie Imbruglia – and of course, The Flying Pickets – with whom he has been a member since 2004. He has a voice that can in one syllable be Vesuvius, the next a gentle mountain spring; a voice that led to one London promoter describing him as being like “Joe Cocker and Van Morrison gloriously bellowing into the horn of Valhalla, while Peter Gabriel hums along…”
Chief songwriter Gavin Alexander has had his brushes with the big boys too. It was his knack for weaving Paul Simon-like numbers that led to Chris Difford (of Squeeze fame) inviting him to join a host of named writers and take part in his annual songwriting retreat; a relationship that soon flowered into some supports with Chris, and ultimately to Arcelia joining the likes of The Strypes and Steve Nieve (The Attractions) in playing at Chris’s wedding.
Teresa’s voice is gently weaved with a thread that might have been borrowed from Clannad or The Corrs. A silk scarf between the glorious merino wool of the other two, Tree boasts a history in the National youth Jazz Orchestra, and a life in a parallel universe where she voices a host of characters in kid’s TV animations such as Octonauts, Thomas & Friends, Thunderbirds, Amazing World of Gumball et al. There’s a warmth and ease that she brings to the trio that is clear for all to see live – no wonder people are so keen to invite them into their living rooms. With fans amongst illustrious peers like Fairground Attraction’s Mark Nevin (who referred to them as ‘delicious’,) a new single out; a Mojo cover mount; a new record on the way; and a host of upcoming shows and house concerts penciled in, 2015 promises to be a corker.



Thursday 4th June – 10am

Haringey Literature Live: Life-Writing Together

June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, July 2nd


Workshop practitioner: Giovanna Iozzi

Most people have dramatic moments in their lives. The trick for life writers is to edit those moments into something compelling. Taking different forms, (memoir, autobiography, creative non-fiction, travel-writing, confessional prose), life writing is any text where the real-life narrator seems to be telling the truth. Together we’ll study writers including Blake Morrison, Lorna Saga, Tim Lott and Norwegian heavyweight Karl Ove Knausgaard. In each class we’ll use prompts and exercises as well as looking at literary devices in fiction writing to help us shape our own memories and experiences. Students will be able to share their work and receive useful, non-judgemental feedback from a supportive group.


Thursday 4th June – 7pm – £8

Jazz at Karamel: Stan Sulzman & Kate Williams

Stan Sulzmann (ten sax), Kate Williams (p), Dave Green (b), Stu Butterfield (d)

Stan is quite simply one of the great saxophone players, and Kate’s sensitive, lyrical accompaniment is the perfect match. What can one say about Dave Green? Karamel Jazz is always delighted to have him here, and his association with Stu in The Great Wee Band goes back 15 years or more.




Saturday 6th June – 6pm – FREE

FGV presents London Vegan Drinks

Join more than 100 vegans and their friends on the first Saturday of each month for a compassionate party like no other.

London Vegan Drinks has grown since its inception in 2011 to become one of the most popular and loved vegan social events anywhere in the world. People drink. People eat. People meet without meat. People have a fabulous time.

How does London Vegan Drinks work?

You show up. You buy drinks. You buy food if you are hungry. You socialise. It is so simple, yet so effective. There is no cover charge. The bar is stocked with a huge range of vegan beers, ciders, wines, cocktails and juices.

Your host Fat Gay Vegan will have name stickers for guests to wear (it helps with breaking the ice) and will introduce you to friendly vegans if you are feeling a little shy.