Watch ‘Mum, Dadé and Me’: A Collection of Kurdish Mini Dramas

These short films were made for ESOL learners last May. Two weeks ago we screened the whole series to an exclusive audience of friends and family of the three actors who starred: Lorin Amedi, Meryem Dogan and Farangis Simaei, and trustees from ROJ women’s association, Collage Arts board members, staff and artists. 

The stories have been designed to explore simple nouns like ‘clothes’ and ‘hospital’ suitable for an ESOL learner.  Screenwriter Sulin Hasso developed the initial concept to produce the heartfelt and probing narrative we see on screen.  Asking ‘how do we maintain cultural identity despite intergenerational differences?’ the series follows a mother and daughter as they grapple with their grandmother’s untimely and terminal illness.  

We hope you enjoy watching! 

Check out Episode 6 ‘Picture’. Follow this link to view the full collection. 
Screening in McQueens Theatre
Actor Farangis Simaei with Board members