Virtual Voices feedback

‘I loved working with Che and the actor from RADA! It was very motivational and just lovely to hear about how acting can lead to different opportunities, like script-writing.  I am definitely a lot more interested in script-writing now.’ – a Y12 student at St Thomas More Catholic student following school Voices session.

‘I am enjoying the Saturday [online] sessions and cutting and sampling audio on Audacity.’ – Voices Digital Music participant.


COLLAGE VOICES – the virtual place to be every Saturday:

10.30-11.30 Creative Writing (8-14 year olds) with Paul

10.30-11.30 Drama (8-11 year olds) with Simone

11-12 Digital Music (10-18 year olds) with Tony 

12.00-1.00 Singing (10-18 year olds) with Simone

2.00-3.00 Drama (11-15 year olds) with Steve


IN SCHOOL:  Song-writing workshop with Kevin Mark Trail for St Thomas More Catholic School Year 11-13 students on Friday 19th June.

IN THE COMMUNITY: Lockdown Monologues project – giving a voice to BAME women to share their stories >> READ MORE

CONTINUAL OFFER: counselling, general support, help with technical equipment and one to one sessions.

WITH IMAGINATION PROJECT: From Wednesday 17th June – Wednesday 15th July, we are delivering 5x Zoom drama sessions as part of Theatre Centre’s exciting ImagiNation project with one of our partner schools.  19 scriptwriters have given the nation stories to rehearse and record.


Interested?  Get involved in Collage Voices!  Contact Andry by email [email protected]