Talent Match London – celebrating our first year

2014 was a momentous start for Collage Arts and the Talent Match London delivery partnership in North London, that saw 24 young people supported all the way into valuable positive outcomes, whether they were further training opportunities, university places, or, for many, full time paid work. Now entering the second year, that amazing energy shows no signs of waning, and already in 2015, 8 participants have successfully gained employment in their preferred field, including one particularly exciting placement at ITV! With Talent Match’s guidance, Sean, 21, was able to make the right in-roads with the broadcasting giant and now boasts the title of Associate Digital Product Manager, a doubtlessly important role for the company’s future. For some of the other completers, outcomes have included promising starts to careers in hospitality, cosmetics, and journalism, and, for Jade, 19, even an invitation to the Prince’s Trust’s esteemed Fairbridge Programme!

As impressive as his achievements are, Sean’s not alone, and Shana, 22, was hot on his heels in gaining a full time position in the busy world of television production! Talent Match didn’t only set its sights on the small screen either, and helped Umer, 22, turn a month-long internship with Journey films into a regular paid position, which sees him working closely with the BAFTA nominated director Yousaf Ali Khan. As well as his continuing work with Journey Films, Umer is also on Talent Match’s Youth Board, which gives members an opportunity to give back to the programme, and a real chance to voice their opinions and concerns, and celebrate their many successes! Another board member, Agit, 24, in between working full time on web development, also presides on the London Youth Board. London Youth is an essential platform which allows intelligent young people like him and fellow Talent Match Youth Board member and small business owner, Dowa, 24, a means to discuss the genuine issues affecting our city’s youth, and be involved in making an impactful change.

Through one-to-one training sessions and intensive workshops to aid with presentation and preparation, to Q & As with established business development consultants, Talent Match is committed to delivering a programme of activity and support which not only builds skills but confidence and awareness, too. Groups like those that visited Sky and Central Saint Martin’s last year are inspired not only to think bigger about what they might achieve, but how to identify the skills they already possess, and utilise them to find a career that is exciting and rewarding for them. Partnerships with other training organisations such as KORI and Rinova, as well as essential collaborations with Enterprise Enfield, Metropolitan Housing, and the Job Centre, mean that Talent Match’s model is a complete approach to offering the best assistance possible. Going forward, Talent Match is hoping to expand its reach and influence with new partnerships added to the network, including one with Tottenham Hotspur FC, and continue to forge pathways into employment and education, with a real focus on listening to young people and providing the guidance they actually need!

For any more information on Talent Match London, please contact:

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Web: www.collage-arts.org/talent-match-london / www.talentmatchlondon.org

Talent Match London is a 5-year Big Lottery funded programme led by London Youth. The Talent Match delivery partnership in North London is led by Collage Arts with Rinova, Enterprise Enfield, KORI and Metropolitan. The Talent Match Hub based at the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green N22 is a welcoming space for young people to gather, participate, share ideas and make change happen.

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