Tim Stocks: My Kaleidoscope

Collage Arts are proud to introduce local artist Tim Stock’s first solo exhibition at Karamel – ‘Tim Stocks: My Kaleidoscope’.  Tim has built up a stunning collection of work all of which are in his unique style of Naive Art. Often compared to big comic book style illustrations, Tim works with a bold black marker outline and fills his always large canvases with vibrant acrylic colours.  Tim’s work focuses on his passions, politics, men who have influenced him, his love of film and how he views the world around him as a man with Asperger Syndrome. His work is vibrant, sensual and wonderfully playful. Key highlights of the exhibition include Basquiat and James Last both pictured. Both these pieces have lots of stories and imagery within the main pictures themselves which is a key trait of Tim’s work and often a tool he uses to illustrate how his mind thinks a little differently to the ordinary person. Tim describes this exhibition as ‘his life in colour’ and we are proud to announce My Kaleidoscope will be featured as a treasure in this year’s London Festival of Architecture.

The exhibition is on display in Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ from 15th June to 2nd August 2018.


Tim Stocks poster