The LCC Illustrators come to Karamel!

The LCC Illustrators are a group of second-year Illustration and Visual Media students from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. They are currently perfecting their practice and preparing to become the future generation in the creative industry. The group will be showcasing their fresh and engaging artwork at Karamel from January 16th to March 6th 2015.



Rosie Chomet is an illustrator and graphic designer from London. She has had a passion for art ever since realising how she could use images to express her rather over-active imagination. After completing a foundation year in Graphic Design, she began a BA (hons) degree in Illustration and Visual Media at LCC. A contemporary illustrator, Rosie’s work is a combination of traditional hand-drawn illustration and graphic design. She tends to initially draw her illustrations by hand before digitally editing them using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Lauren Hackett is a 20 year old illustration student studying at LCC with a love for animals and colour. Her work tends to be primarily done in watercolours as she loves the unpredictability of the paint but has recently started to do a few pieces completely digital. Lauren strives to add as much detail as she can to her work and is constantly inspired by the natural world, landscapes, fantasy and music. She has recently started to experiment with adding texture and pattern to her work and draws and paints both realistically and illustratively or sometimes even combining the two.



Maysie is an illustration student from LCC with a passion for portraiture and bright colours. Maysie mostly works with markers, inks and pencils but is currently experimenting with digital painting and Photoshop. She is heavily inspired by children and their carefree approach to art and adopts a similar attitude while working where getting messy and having fun is encouraged.


Shana is an illustration student at LCC whose work is highly imaginative and fantastical. Never to be found without a sketchbook, Shana’s work is often created using pens and watercolour paints. She also produces animations, and recently has begun to use more digital techniques in her work.