Running Jump Print Workshop – Open Day

A new printmaking workshop is taking shape in Collage Artspace 5 and Running Jump Print Workshop will be ready soon.  

There will be an Open Day on Saturday 1 June 2024  from 10-4pm in Studio 17 at Collage Artspace 5.  Invite is open to any artists who are working in or interested in printmaking.

Read more about progress so far in the latest newsletter update (below) by Richard Peacock, pop art/abstract printmaker leading on Running Jump Print Workshop…


There is still a lot to do, but Running Jump has come so far already!

The first thing a Print Workshop needs is presses. Thanks to Nancy and Ben and Giles from AMR Logan Press, we have now installed a splendid Hunter Penrose etching press & a beautiful Albion Press, dating from 1863. The Marler screen printing press is ready for action too.


Over the next month we will be working on other aspects of the studio, making sure the presses are properly set up, installing new furniture and facilities.

We are also working on our web site and setting up our social media.

Although Running Jump won’t open fully until the beginning of August, the workshop will begin to offer limited access to experienced printmakers from the beginning to June. All users of the workshop will be provided with a full induction.

RUNNING JUMP PRINT WORKSHOP ~ Open Day 1 June 10:00 – 4:00

To celebrate the progress we have made so far and to give you a chance to see North London’s new Print Workshop for yourself, we will hold an Open Day on Saturday 1 June. Please come along to see the workshop and presses and talk about our plans for the future.

Running Jump Print Workshop

Studio 17

Collage ArtSpace 5

Clarendon Yards

Coburg Rd

London N22 6TZ

RUNNING JUMP PRINT WORKSHOP ~ we need your input

If you are thinking of using the workshop, I’d love to hear from you.

Running Jump will provide newsprint, materials for setting up and cleaning screens, scrim and cleaning materials, but it would be really useful to know what else you would expect the workshop to provide. For example
* If you are a screen printer, do you have your own screens or would you expect to use ours?
* Would you like us to provide inks or will you bring your own?
* Would you like us to provide paper for your printmaking?

Email Richard Peacock on [email protected] or [email protected]