Revolution – A night of Theatre, Music and Poetry

Performers and practitioners from across stage and screen are gathering at Karamel Restaurant at Collage Arts for Revolution to raise money for a memorial fund in honour of an “inspirational” young man. The trust fund is to support aspiring young performers following the death of actor Kieran Taylor. The 32-year-old died after collapsing in a car in Camden Street, Camden Town. Mr Taylor, who performed as Kieran Nero, had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis whilst training  but all those who knew him would verify he never let it stop him.

As practitioners who often deliver initiatives to those that are facing numerous obstacles we are always having to find creative ways to overcome the small but significant barriers that stop young people from engaging. Sometimes its about no money to travel or a lack of the right clothing (dance shoes for example) or simply some stationary. We wish to honour Kieran and use the opportunity to raise money that will be part of a trust fund in his name to benefit young people in the arts in the near future.

Mr Taylor appeared in the BBC Three documentary Defying the Label, in which he described living with MS. His mother,  June, said that at a gathering to celebrate his life she had been overwhelmed by the impact he had made.

“I’ve never met so many people, young guys bawling their eyes out,” she said. “People who have known him for 20 or 30 years. Some have known him for two weeks and they all have a story to come and tell me.

“He has done more than most people who are 60 or 70. He crammed a lot into his life.”

She said her son, who had performed in theatres across Camden, was writing a play at the time of his death. “If he was here now, he would be impersonating people,” she said. “He was so good at that.”

Steve Medlin, Artistic director of Collage Voices, says: “Kieran Taylor was not just a wonderful student but a shining example of how much a young person can achieve no matter what level of obstacles are placed in their way.

“He was an inspiration to all those around him. I can honestly say that I learnt far more from spending time with him than I could ever have hoped to teach in return.

“He will be missed but will always remain part of us as a reminder that no matter what struggle is directly in front of you, there is always the choice to approach it with good humour and spirit.”


Stars of stage and screen are performing at Karamel restaurant on 17th December at 7pm and 15th February 2020 at 7pm. 

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