Quarter Issue 6

We’re already firmly in to 2015, and things seem to be going pretty well! The sun’s been shining, the birds have been tweeting, and we here at the Quarter have so much we’re dying to tell you. In the coming months, we’re launching two exciting new nights; one will be bringing you the eclectic best of world music with a Bollywood tinge, and another which promises such incredible talents as the one and only master of modern British soul, Omar! We’re also gearing up to present even more in the way of Jazz at Karamel, which is now a weekly party, and yet another season of fantastic performances from Karousel Music, zer0Classikal, the Karamel Kids gang, and more.
On top of that, we’ve also been speaking with the many talented Graeme Messer about his fascinating and witty solo show at Karamel, which has already succeeding in delivering a healthy dose of discourse online and off, and is really not to be missed. We also managed to catch up with writer/director Yousaf Ali Khan for an update on the progress of Fatima’s Journey, from Kabul to London and back. There’s all this and more inside, so go forth, enjoy, and, as always, please feel free to let us know your thoughts on all the usual outlets. Here comes the summer!

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