Quarter #6: Talent Match London

2014 was a momentous start for Collage Arts and the Talent Match London delivery partnership in North London that saw 24 young people supported all the way into valuable positive outcomes, whether they were further training opportunities, university places, or, for many, full time paid work. Now entering the second year, that amazing energy shows no signs of waning, and already in 2015, 8 participants have successfully gained employment in their preferred field.

Through one-to-one training sessions and intensive workshops, to aid with presentation and preparation, to Q & As with established business development consultants, Talent Match is committed to delivering a programme of activity and support which not only builds skills but confidence and awareness, too. Partnerships with other training organisations such as KORI and Rinova, as well as essential collaborations with Enterprise Enfield, Metropolitan Housing, and the Job Centre, mean that Talent Match’s model is a complete approach to offering the best assistance possible. Going forward, Talent Match is hoping to expand its reach and influence with new partnerships added to the network and continue to forge pathways into employment and education, with a real focus on listening to young people and providing the guidance they actually need!




I have been working for Talent Match since January 2015 and I am currently on the Talent Match Youth Board. This has given me the opportunity to start a Creative Literature Club which is for people who are interested in creative writing such as poetry, short stories, journalism, and much more, which will be launched at the end of March. Some of my interests are reading, reading and writing poetry, photo editing, and movies. Currently I am volunteering at a community centre for children and young people where I hope to work, train, and do courses to be able to become a youth worker.



After signing up to the Talent Match program I was instantly assisted in finding employment as a social media assistant, for Journey Films, by their friendly and effective team. They later presented me with the amazing opportunity to work with their bright and highly competent Youth Board team; together with whom we have initiated a campaign of free clubs, courses and classes aimed at involving, educating, and the giving young unemployed the opportunities they deserve.




I am part of the Talent Match North London Youth Board. I currently attend meetings to help my peers on the Youth Board come up with new ideas to help engage young people. Outside of Talent Match Youth Board, I am an apprentice at a company called Rinova. Rinova is a partner on the Talent Match project and I work alongside one of the project managers as an assistant. I help organise events and meetings as well as, work on the financial claims for Talent Match.



After completing a media apprenticeship in March 2014, I gained a position on the Talent Match Youth Board a couple of months later. Having previously been a young person struggling to find a job, I was excited to be able to get the chance to help others who were in my position.
Alongside working part-time as a PA for the managing director of fashion company Cabaret, using my ambition to be a film director, I get to run a Film Club for Talent Match every fortnight for like-minded young people on the program, where we use the space to develop our knowledge as well as our confidence. It’s a great way for us to learn about the film industry as well as building our portfolios and connecting with our peers.



As a Talent Match participant I grew to love the programme. I then met the London Youth team who designed the programme, this enabled me to understand how it works and I grew to love it more. Now I work at Collage Arts as a Web Designer as well as a Youth Board member at London Youth and Talent Match. Does what it says on the tin! They matched my talents to various opportunities, but most importantly, the programme gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills and network with incredible people.My passion for technology, self-development, and martial arts gives me the motivation to use my skills to support young people on their journey of success.



I am currently a set designer, with an Art and Design background. And yes I’m on Talent Match and have been since November of last year. I shuffled in with the assumption i would be given a gentle push into the loving arms of an employer, instead I have been responsible on the Youth Board for rearing the artists on Talent Match through a Creative Practitioners Club which will skill up and inject confidence into the fresh-faced lot. I also have been injected with said confidence through the support Talent Match offers, and with the support of TM, will be starting a business with my sister. Talent match is like a warm grandparent, slipping Werthers Originals into your pocket.


My name is Dowa and I’ve been working on the youth board at Talent Match London for just over a year now. It’s been a really great experience interacting with other young people. I am currently heading a Business Club and Breakfast Club for young people on the programme. Both clubs aim to help the individuals grow in confidence, punctuality and with core interpersonal skills. The Business Club is more focused on helping aspiring entrepreneurs get some hands on experience with starting up a business! Throughout the year I have seen a great improvement within myself also, this programme is excellent for those that are part of the programme and also those that help deliver it! Looking forward to the outcomes of year 2. 🙂


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