Monsta Mask

A short visual created for the ICUD European project, that has been looking at the impact of digital discrimination on young people.

Conceived by young people, Monsta Mask and The Chain were screened at several Collage Arts events and workshops during September to November 2014 to raise awareness amongst young people, educators and other stakeholders.

A screening was made during the visit by the UK and French Ministers for Europe to Collage Arts London on 11th September and their advisors, where they met the Collage Arts team and some of the young people, who were now working on creative apprenticeships. Mr Harlem Desir, French Minister for Europe and David Lidington MP, UK Minister for Europe, were particularly interested in seeing innovative European projects in action and hear about the young people’s journey.  They were able to speak directly to the young creators and conceptualisers and gain an insight into the real issues faced by young people daily.

Monsta Mask is an great example of the many guises that young people hide behind in order to be accepted by their peers. The ICUD project has been an ideal project that helped to build their awareness around identity and digital discrimination, share the practice locally and encourage a change in behaviour particularly within younger age groups through young positive role models.

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