Made At The Chocolate Factory – Exhibition

Celebrating talent and industriousness, Made at the Chocolate Factory is a shining example of the sheer variety that’s possible when the two combine. Although many Chocolate Factory artists are self-employed and create purely for the love of doing so; many have so much to offer beyond their usual pursuits of painting and drawing. Whether bespoke furniture, or accessories, or lighting, or websites, or literature: The Chocolate Factory is a place where things are created. Everything you see in this collection was made or composed right here at the studios, and, even if the piece that interests you is not for sale, you can commission something equally beautiful by contacting the artist directly. Even if not offering commission work, many of these practitioners hold workshops where you or someone you know could learn the skills that make the wonderful artworks you see around you possible.

The artists, creative practitioners and creative companies taking part include:

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Goodwin & Goodwin


Sadie Lee


Amy May Morris

Laura Smith

Prodigy Management

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Sam Boffey

Sam Neal

Steven Gregory

Ruma Nowaz

Richard Peacock

Lara Harwood

Lea Yehud


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Michele Del Campo

Kielle ‘Lucky’ Rutland

Cabaret by Sali

Yana Stajno

Stella Polaris

Meeco London

Claudia Clare







Made at the Chocolate Factory – exhibition runs from Monday 8th November until 31st December 2015 at Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ.