Karousel Music Club: Tom Robinson, Alex Karalekas & Seamus Galligan [Weds 6th May]

Join us for Karousel Music Club on Wednesday 6th May!

What could be more appropriate for a night with London’s premier collective of musicians, songwriters and industry pros than a night with that champion of new music, Tom Robinson? Coming courtesy of our friends at PledgeMusic, Tom is completing his 20th record now – let’s make sure we give him the reception he deserves… it’s FREE – just call 0208 8298989 for a table…


Like a wheel within a wheel, playing for Karousel Music – a collective sworn to help the best emerging and rising stars – is that champion of new music, Tom Robinson. With his ever popular show on BBC 6Music, Tom is a hero among emerging and established acts of today for his endless support and encouragement of them. Tonight he is back amongst their number, doing what he always has. First known in the 1970s as a musician & LGBT activist, Tom Robinson Band’s best known songs were 2-4-6-8 Motorway & Glad To Be Gay. The band were also early supporters of Rock Against Racism & Amnesty International. Between 1975 & 2001 Tom released 19 albums with various bands, and had a solo hit with the song War Baby. He has also co-written songs with Elton John, Peter Gabriel & Dan Hartman. He has hosted programmes on all BBC national radio networks and won three Radio Academy awards. Currently, in addition to presenting his show on BBC Radio 6 Music, he hosts the new music blog Fresh On The Net. We can’t wait to make him feel welcome at Karamel, deep in the heart of the creative community at Chocolate Factory 2, and Karousel Music.



Making the trip over from Martha’s Vineyard, Alex first came to our attention a couple of years back when he was touring with Willy Mason. The first thing that hits you is that this is a rare, insightful, outspoken and genuine lyricist. It seems impossible in these times of corporate gluttony, greed and the consumerism that eats at the heart of the west, that there are so few American voices telling it poetically, how it is. Alex is quietly rolling the times he lives in like tobacco, blowing it quietly back into the people’s faces. There’s hints of Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst, and his friend Willy Mason in the delivery; and there’s an undeniable Dylan-esque approach to the writing… We’re made up that he’s made his way across the pond… one of our favourite songwriters.
“My ancestors were the best/brought the plague and shot the rest/they stole land and charge a fee/for the future and for me/just another severed root, on a broken tree.”


Joining Alex on the trip over from the US, is Boston artist Seamus. There’s not much online about Seamus where biogs go – but what there is, is six of the most beautiful tracks that sound like they’ve been constructed at 5am by the lake by a man with a broken heart and a fishing rod. Again, the most wonderful lyrics, and a sound that conjures up the class and delivery of Loudon Wainwright III, Paul Simon, and James Taylor – a brilliant artist, and one we genuinely can’t wait to see.