Karamel Revolution goes online this Friday

Stars of stage and screen join together for the Karamel Revolution – a night of Yuletide jazz, soul, poetry and fundraising.

Stars of stage and screen return to Collage Arts & Karamel for a night of Yuletide jazz, soul and poetry, in support of Collage Voices’ new project providing performing arts training for young people facing economic challenges. www.karamelrevolution.eventbrite.co.uk

Join us online (mince pie and brandy encouraged) on Friday 18 December 2020 at 7pm.

Dorian Ford

Phillip Harper

Mao Yamada

Anoushka Lucas

Ché Walker

Matthew Dunster

Sheila Atim

Ela Kalicki

Ruth Gibson

Nardia Ruth

Lily Taylor

Simeon Hammond Dallas

Martina Laird

Arthur Darvill

Inés Declercq

Allyson Ava Brown

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