Jason talks about apprenticeship success

Jason Doorbeejan:  “Before I was accepted for the Apprenticeship with Collage Arts I was in and out of dead end jobs, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I thought about going into the radio industry but had no way in.

Then I heard about Collage Arts and I saw the different aspects of media that are covered by the apprenticeship.  At 26 it was hard to get an apprenticeship anywhere, many providers told me I was too old.  But when I spoke to Collage Arts about what I would like to do they offered me the opportunity.  My role as a Creative and Digital Media apprentice with Collage Arts has been very broad and varied, from running my own radio station and participating in music video production to working in arts administration.

After my apprenticeship contract with Collage Arts finished in January 2016, I was anxious about what to do next.  But they decided to keep me and offered me an opportunity to work on some of their newer projects.  One of the projects is Talent Match, a youth employment initiative.  I work on recruitment and outreach which I really enjoy as I get out and meet and help people who were in the position I was once in.

Although my career path has changed, I am enjoying every moment of my job at Collage Arts, they gave me a great opportunity which has helped me to gain qualifications whilst learning and earning.

My advice to anyone who is thinking about a creative apprenticeship is to never give up.  Sometimes you won’t end up where you wanted to be, but the journey is really worth it.”