International Mobility Programme for Creative Apprentices

Five young creative and digital media apprentices and tutors from Collage Arts have completed the first visit to Spain on the Euro Mobility project, led by Collage Arts and funded by Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme.   The Collage Arts team participated in Spanish lessons and European cultural awareness before setting off to partner organisation, LabCademy based in Malaga, Spain.

They met and worked with a number of Spanish creative companies during their 3-week placement, including: La Casa Invisible (the Invisible House).  They conducted workshops, interviewed staff, participants and volunteers, collecting images of the daily activities at La Casa Invisible.  The final video (shown below) produced by the team profiles the activities of the Invisible project in Malaga, Spain and reflects its vibrant ethos and environment.

What happens next? The group’s evaluation is taking place now and  lessons learned will be incorporated into the next visit to Mulab (Rome Italy) when 6 more creative apprentices will undergo a 3-week vocational training placement in July 2013.

For more information on the project, visit the Euro Mobility page.

This project is supported by Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme.