Hate Crime Awareness turned into action…

In Hate Crime Awareness Week, Haringey-based Collage Arts is pleased to announce that we will be working in partnership with Haringey Learning Partnership; Haringey Virtual School, St Thomas More Catholic School, Harris Tottenham Academy, Greig City Academy on Voices Against Hate. The programme that makes young people think about how they can influence their peers to not use hate speech. Hate speech can blight young lives. The partners hope that this creative arts project will help young people take the initiative to stop hate speech in its tracks. The project is funded by the Peoples Postcode Lottery and the London Music Fund and runs until May 2021.

Collage Arts have been working with young people to Interrupt hate for the last 2 years through the HIT project.  Read more on the activities we’ve been running that have helped inform the Voices Against Hate approach – HIT newsletter.

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