What do you see when you look at a picture?
Where does the image take you?

The 2014 Flash Fiction Competition at the N22 Open Studios gave entrants this brief: write a complete piece of fiction in no more than 200 words, in response to an artwork on display. It’s incredible to see, reading through the entries, where the imagination takes each individual as they respond to works as diverse as ceramic sculptures, oil on canvas, printmaking, leatherwork, jewellery, tattoo art, photography, and beaded skulls, among other inspirations. Writing to a 200-word limit really focuses the mind and creates great energy in a narrative, as we saw in the pieces submitted.

And now, the results are in! Short-fiction maestro Robert Shearman has been reading through the entries and has chosen his winner in each of our three categories. He did not look at the artwork connected with the entries, in order to ensure that the writer had
created a stand-alone piece of fiction.

Our winners are below, starting with our youngest category. The judge’s comments and – new this year – the artist’s reactions can be found with each piece, along with the artwork which inspired it. At the end you can read about the wonderful Robert Shearman, who we thank whole-heartedly for his enthusiastic involvement in our competition.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part – the pieces submitted were fantastic and again this year the standard was very high. Thank you also to the artists,
designers & makers for welcoming budding writers into their studios and for creating such inspiring works in the first place. Finally we’d like to thank everyone at Collage Arts for supporting us, and Frank and Louise at the marvellous Kabaret@Karamel for sponsoring our workshop and our prizes!”

Take a look at the winners work here!