Haringey Childrens Book Award

The Haringey Childrens Book Award, now in it’s 3rd year, was established in order to promote literacy and literature amongst the borough in Haringey organised by the librarian community.

The award aims to inspire and encourage reading and writing amongst the borough’s children and young people in an attempt to curb illiteracy and encourage a healthy habit which will ultimately follow the generation later into their adult lives.

The program encourages children to read books by several children’s authors they may not have realised existed and encourage a broader scope of genre and themes.

The children read the list of allocated books, participate in a number of workshops and then finally vote on their favourite book and author, ending with an award ceremony for the winning author, held on April 24th at Heartlands High School.

The Haringey Childrens Book Award ceremony itself often includes notable public speakers, such as Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, and will feature goody bags for the participants of the award to take home, with an attending audience of over 150 people.  

This year, local artist and designer, Rosie Chomet, has been working alongside two art students from Heartlands High School to design a bespoke bookmark for the awards ceremony to commemorate the childrens literature initiative.

If perhaps you find yourself curious, why not take a glance at some of the inspirational and gripping work produced by the children and young people from last November when they toured N22’s Open Studios to create pieces of Flash Fiction work, you can read more here: