Family events in Wood Green.

Now that winter’s relentless harshness has finally dissipated into blossoming trees and soothing sunshine, we’ve prepared a feast of family events for yourself and the kids to enjoy.

In the Quarter, we like to place emphasis on cultural events which are accessible and enjoyable for all members of the family to get your revved up for the summer season.

We’ve already launched our Children’s award ceremony (Haringey Literature Live) featuring poet in residence Paul Lyalls alongside our exhibitions of children’s poetry and accompanying bespoke artwork by artists at the Chocolate Factory.

This April, we’ve got our Karamel Kids: Plundered! by Really Big Kids Theatre (who’ve previously been featured in Time Out London’s website) who’s work has been sung with rounds of praise.

This month’s performances revolves around the story of Captain Blackbeard, a very selfish pirate who’s on the hunt for treasure, has left a beautiful island in disaster. It’s up to Maggie and Roy to help save it.

Teleported from their school trip at a maritime museum into the center of a swashbuckling adventure in the Amazon, this interactive story allows the kids to stay engaged and amused throughout the whole day – just don’t get annoyed at us when your kids don’t want to leave!

“Really funny writing and performances! Adults loved it as much as the kids. Encore!”
– Harriet, parent, Chiswick Book Festival.

The stories revolve around similar positive ideologies and tropes, touching on ideas Socrates proposed in The Republic, that the ideas we present to children should be ethical, engaging and be of high moral value.

Really Big Pants Theatre takes adult themes such as environmental consciousness and presents them in ways which are both engaging, enjoyable and easily understood.

The next Karamel Kids event will be held on 22nd of April at Karamel at the Chocolate Factory, in Wood Green.

Alongside our monthly children’s theatre events, on May 20th we’ll be hosting a family fun day in May where circus themed activities will be available for free!

The event will feature Mike Dodsworth, who’s a much sought after storyteller with a professional and established background, performances from Justo the Clown, circus themed tent painting and acts with artists Yana Stajno and karaoke, singing, dancing and games with Gunpowder Gertie!

At the venue, there’ll be a range of delicious food and drinks (Don’t worry parents, there will be alcohol available for you – we understand that it’s the weekend.)

We’ll keep you updated with more information of our oncoming family events to keep you and the little one’s busy and full of wonderment.