Billy Mason

McQueens Theatre 4 Coburg Rd, London

Charting a lifetime from birth to death, and exploring how myths and legends celebrate and conceal people,'Billy Mason' is a warped "hero's" journey through the eyes of an ambivalent, difficult man, asking questions of trauma, addiction, abuse and a road to hell paved with good intentions. Described as a Kitchen Sink Musical, the production will … read more

EFG LJF x Collage presents: UNKNOWN TO KNOWN

Karamel N22 4 Coburg Rd, Wood Green, London

PART OF THE EFG LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL We are thrilled to present Unknown To Known for the EFG London Jazz Festival at Karamel! Unknown to Known offers an intimate dialogue of meandering melodies and textural grooves over resounding harmonic landscapes. At times euphoric and often dynamic, this music is always interactive, honest and raw. This … read more


McQueens is our community theatre, named in honour of 5 supremely talented figures sharing this name, including: Steve, Butterfly and Alexander.

The space is fit for live theatre and music, workshops, conferences and film screenings. McQueens is also home to Collage Voices’ drama & music youth programme.

Karamel N22 Events | powered by Collage Arts | provides a platform for artists and musicians with curated live music performances in and around Wood Green.

We believe that if the act feels treasured, then the audience will see them at their best. We’re looking forward to welcoming you into that atmosphere for a new season of eclectic musical magic.