European Commission invites Collage to share expertise

The project team at Collage Arts made a presentation to the European Commission on the 12th of November. The team was asked to share its approach to vocational education and training and in particular the approach of non-formal learning in the creative sector.

Manoj Ambasna, Executive Director of Collage Arts, said: “European projects have been an important part of our working life at Collage Arts for nearly 20 years. The most recent project was CREUS, a project, which looked at meaningful non-formal learning and mentoring for young people in the creative and cultural industries in unconventional spaces. I am very proud that our approach was seen as an exemplar, the Commission wanted to hear about our work at first hand”

Some aspect of EU project work will still be open to UK partners after we have left the European Union. Collage Arts is pleased that it is still able to share practice and learning across the EU.

Visit and register, if you’d like to hear our session starting at 1:12:29.

About the partnership
The partnership of organisations from London UK, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, and Cyprus, engaged in purposeful research and dialogue, exchanging philosophies and practice, developed innovative learning models and materials for trainers and mentors, by strengthening the creative and cultural industries across Europe.

CREUS was funded by EU Erasmus+ programme via Ecorys UK National Agency.