Digital marketing tips – podcast with Gianfranco Chicco

We are delighted to release the new Creative Callings podcast on Digital Marketing tips with Gianfranco Chicco.

The question is: how can we be relevant, useful and entertaining in this -overcrowded- digital world?

Conference director, marketing strategist and writer Gianfranco Chicco analyses the latest trends in Digital Marketing helping us understand what is it that really gets our products into people’s hands. We invited him for a talk in Blighty Tottenham, London. Gianfranco is the curator of The Craftsman Newsletter. He is the former European Marketing Director of The Webby Awards & The Lovie Awards.


This podcast was recorded at Blighty Tottenham and edited by Collage Works. The talk was part of the Tottenham Creative Enterprise Zone business skills project N17 Creative Callings funded by the Mayor of London and European Social Fund. 

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