Damel Carayol – Signed Prints Available Now

Artist, poet and performer Damel Carayol says ‘In each artist’s life will one day come an incident, an epiphany, a significant wind of change or a truly horrific incident that affects their art, in a way that may consume them.  Thank God for expression. And further, for a platform to express, share, let off steam and fight injustice.’

You may already be familiar with Carayol’s work. His piece ‘Pains of 2020’ was proudly displayed in the windows of Karamel last year (now MAAD Restaurant). A resident artist at Collage Arts and longtime friend of the organisation, Carayol’s work offers us a visual study of the human responses to overwhelming political events. Especially those concerning racial discrimination and miscarriages of justice. His artistic commentaries on pivotal moments in recent history, such as the Grenfell Tower Fire and mass protests surrounding the BLM movement, resonate deeply with our community.

‘John the Baptist’ and ‘Say It Loud – I’m Black & Proud’ [giclée prints pictured below] are now available for purchase through Collage Arts. These limited edition prints are signed by the artist.

Executive Director Manoj Ambasna is an especially ardent fan of Carayol’s work. He recently became the proud owner of the original ‘Pains of 2022’- which now hangs in Collage Arts main office.

How to Order:

To purchase a print please get in touch via email. Contact Anice [email protected] to make your enquiry.

‘John the Baptist’

Signed, Limited edition print. (Watermark not featured)

Title:                    John the Baptist

Print:                   Giclee (pigment ink) print

Paper:                  Museum heritage; Archival; acid free; 300 grams

Dimensions:       82cm x 61cm  (32 ¼” x 24”)

Price:                        £400.00


Oil and acrylic on texture board

163cm x 122cm


‘Say It Loud – I’m Black & Proud’

Signed, Limited Edition Prints. (Watermark not featured)

Title:                    Say It Loud – I’m Black & I’m Proud

Print:                   Giclee (pigment ink) print

Paper:                 Museum heritage; Archival; Acid free; 300 grams

Size 1

Dimensions:       61cm x 61cm  (24” x 24”)

Price:                         £250.00

Size 2:

Dimensions:       76.2cm x 76.2cm  (30” x 30”)

Price:                         £400.00


Oil, acrylic and collage on wood board

122cm x 122cm