Creativity on-line for over 50s

Covid-19 has meant that our worlds have shrunk. Many people aged 50+ have found themselves furloughed, screening or self-isolating until it is possible to get back to normal. Simple pleasures like a coffee with friends, a chat with colleagues, or a trip away seem like distant memories.

‘We are delighted that we have been asked by GroundWork London to set up a short series of creative workshops for the over-50s,’ explains Preeti Dasgupta, head of Collage Community projects. ‘We know that some of the best employers in the UK have been setting up creative workshops to support their staff’s mental health and wellbeing. This means that we can make this opportunity open to many more people.’

The series is called Beyond the Window. Some people have had very little contact with others over lockdown, many have had to come to terms with loss and change, whilst others have found positives with more time for hobbies and creativity. There are 6 sessions over two-weeks covering art and craft, and creative writing.

Preeti continues: ‘During the first two lockdowns we worked with around 40 women aged 50 to 80. They produced some amazing work which explored the lockdown. Beyond the window is designed to help re-light the creative spark in people. I have no idea what the participants will produce, and that is really exciting. Whether people want 90 minutes of escapism, or they want to process some the complex feelings lockdown has evoked, Beyond the Window is a great starting point.’

The sessions are free for over-50s who live in Haringey and are funded by Comic Relief and the National Lottery Community Fund. More info

These sessions will develop into more creative workshops on offer in the year.

Collage Arts invests around £1,000 a day in creative opportunities for Haringey residents to take part in creative opportunities. We work with pre-schoolers to third age, with young people and out of school and supporting entry to the jobs market. We support local businesses, with affordable space and enterprise support. We also run one of the most vibrant music and performing arts programmes in our venue Karamel in Coburg Road.

Collage Arts have over 35 years experience of creating opportunities for creative people and creative communities.