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12.06.2020 – Top Up Grant – Urgent

The Haringey’s Discretionary Grant Fund is now open for applications from today, Friday 12 June, until midnight Sunday 28 June 2020.

Please go to the Discretionary Grant application and fill the application, note down if there are any questions you will need to ask details for from Collage Arts and let us know.

This is the support we all lobbied for, particularly for artists in studios where they have not been eligible for other business support schemes.


28.05.2020 Top Up Grant – Update from Haringey Council

Dear all,
Please read below the latest update that we have received from Haringey Council regarding the Top Up grant.  Many of you will have already submitted the occupation forms to the Council and have been waiting for an update about the support grant.  We will continue to check in with the Council and announce any further updates on this.

Stay safe and well.

Best wishes
Collage Artists team
Government announcement in early May plans for a ‘top-up to local business grant funds scheme.’

The new fund is aimed at small businesses with ongoing fixed property-related costs, currently outside the scope of the existing business grant fund schemes, and local authorities will be responsible for administering the grants.

Guidance from the Government was shared with local authorities on 13 May and we’re now able to share the following information:

How much funding will be provided to businesses?

  • We expect that each local authority will receive 5% of their expected total grants payments for the Small Business and Retail, Leisure and Hospitality grant schemes (as at 4 May). The exact amount is still to be confirmed.
  • Grants can be three levels: £25k, £10k, and discretionary grants of any amount up to £10k. To be able to help as many businesses as possible we expect the majority of our grants to be up to £10k.
  • This funding will not be enough to support all the businesses who are ineligible for the existing business grant schemes, and it is likely that the top-up grants will be significantly smaller than the main schemes.

Who is the grant aimed at?
Local authorities have been asked to prioritise the following types of businesses for grants from within this funding pot:

  • Small businesses in shared offices or other flexible workspaces.
  • Regular market traders with fixed building costs, such as rent, who do not have their own business rates assessment.
  • Bed & Breakfasts which pay Council Tax instead of business rates.
  • Charity properties in receipt of charitable business rates relief which would otherwise have been eligible for Small Business Rates Relief.

What happens next? 
We are still waiting for further guidance from government including how much grant funding we have been allocated.

Based on the guidance we have; we’ve been collating business data on the priority areas identified by the Government alongside our own local business intelligence.  We’re also working through the complexities of how we will distribute the grants, develop an application process and perform eligibility checks to try and design the fairest scheme we can.

The fund is significantly smaller than the previous coronavirus grant programmes introduced by the Government and will not support as many businesses as the other grant fund schemes.

We will be launching the programme as quickly as we possibly can.
Please keep checking for updates.

15.05.2020 Business Grant Update

Dear all,

I checked the Haringey website this morning and they are now inviting applications for Applying for a grant when you are not the person currently registered for business rates.

Visit this link for more details:

I have filled the application with the Collage related details, you need to fill in the yellow highlighted areas – CLICK HERE. Please send it off today..

Best wishes

04.05.2020 – Artists and Creatives Update

Dear All,
An announcement was made last week which was a top-up to the local business grants scheme, to include small businesses that were not previously eligible.

Read more via this link:

Haringey Council officers are currently working through the specifics and I hope to send an update at the latest by end of this week.

Stay safe, stay well.




15.04.2020 – Artists and Creatives Update

Dear All,

Please see below the latest email from Haringey Council and the specific reference to grant assistance to shared workspace, we are continuing to lobby on your behalf.

The attached document (ie: Business Support for the UKs business community) has all key links to all other support programmes available.

Please make sure your business is registered, including your employees and self-employed personnel.  Please follow the guidelines on the links so when the funding finally starts flowing you are among the first to receive the support.

Stay safe, stay well.



—————– Email from Cllr Gideon Bull for Haringey’s Business Community —————
Sent: 15 April 2020 04:30
Subject: Business Update 150420

Dear Haringey Business member,

Please find below and attached some useful information as part of my latest Business update. The two key challenges/ issues for me at the moment are  turning around as quickly as possible the processing of the small business grants and what can be done to assist those business who are unable to access grant assistance due to shared workspace. Please be assured that I am raising this at various levels within Haringey and beyond and will continue to do so.

Best wishes

GB – Councillor Gideon Bull – White Hart Lane ward and Cabinet Member for Local Investment and Economic Growth

Face-to-face councillor Surgeries are not taking place during the crisis but please contact me at any time by phone or email

For help and support during the Covid-19 crisis, or if you wish to volunteer, please visit the Council’s Connected Communities page at or call Connected Communities on 020 8489 4431 (Monday to Fridays 9.30am-4.30pm.)

If you think you or someone you know may be showing symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) visit the NHS website

For business help and advice then please go to


09.04.2020 – Update for artists and small businesses

Dear All,

Attached is a downloadable Information Pack on the services the London Growth Hub offers to micro and small businesses, this a free service for any questions you may have about the various support programmes the Government is offering.

Also, remember we are updating our website with new information every day, go to:


Stay safe and well.

Collage Arts team


06.04.2020 – Update   

Hi All,

Hope you are keeping well and safe.

More from Haringey council and another form to fill in please. Make sure you do so as if missed it will delay any support.

Business Grants

Updated guidance issued by central government on business grants. Haringey Council  now have to collect and verify your business information to make business grant payments.

The message from Councillor Gideon Bull ( Haringey Council, Cabinet Member for Local Investment and Economic Growth) is:

“Help us to help you and expedite your grant funding by filling in the grant form as soon as possible –

I know that this isn’t a perfect process and some of you have been in contact with issues around eligibility. We stand with you on this and will do all we can”.

Also, a warning from Haringey Council, so please be aware. 

Watch out for ‘no grant, no fee’ emails

We also received information that new companies are popping up to ‘help’ businesses with business grants on a no grant, no fee basis.

You do not need to use these companies or pay and money to access your grant – Haringey Council  do this for you, and with you, free of charge. We strongly suggest that you do not engage with these organisations and only reveal any business issues, concerns or bank details to those people you trust.


Collage Artists team

01.04.2020 – Update for Artists.   


The owners of Collage Artspace 2, 3, 4, 5 are being asked to provide assistance, or forgo rent payments.  Before they can consider such support they want to ensure that tenants have used or at least, applied for, all relevant third party or government schemes first (eg bank loans, business grants, mortgage holidays, job retention and salary support schemes).

Then, in line with things such as mortgage holidays, rent payments and tax holidays, payments will be delayed or spread over future months rather than simply written off.

Make sure you have checked and applied for any available schemes from the government.

Keep evidence of your applications as this will be requested as proof that you have applied regardless of the outcome.

Also please visit:

Business Grants:

Can you please complete the impact survey from the link below to register your company for the Business grants.

Business address should be the correct building address – this has been emailed to you today.

Business Rates reference number – this has been emailed to you today.

Where it asks for Freeholder, Leaseholder, you tick OTHER and state you are a Licensee.

Where they ask for what support, state you are a business based in the Wood Green Cultural Quarter and require the business support Grant.

Remember you are a business in your own right and not related to Collage Arts apart from renting your studio from us.

It is extremely important that you submit the survey asap stating that you are a local independent small business.

Impact survey –

All other support mentioned above is available from:

For more info, visit:

For artists, makers, musicians, visit:

Kind regards

Collage Artists team


This information was  sent to us by accounting firm, Brian Paul Ltd:

The Chancellor yesterday announced help for the self employed. Points to note regarding the self employed scheme

To be eligible for the scheme you must meet all the criteria below:

  • Be self-employed or a member of partnership;
  • Have lost trading/partnership trading profits due to COVID-19;
  • File a tax return for 2018-19 as self-employed or a member of a trading partnership. Those who have not yet filed for 2018-19 will have an additional 4 weeks from this announcement to do so;
  • Have traded in 2019-20; be currently trading at the point of application (or would be except for COVID 19) and intend to continue to trade in the tax year 2020 to 2021
  • Have trading profits of less than £50,000 and more than half of your total income come from self-employment. This can be with reference to at least one of the following conditions:
  • Your trading profits and total income in 2018/19
  • Your average trading profits and total income across up to the three years between 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2018-19.

 The scheme would not appear to include directors of their own companies who can instead supposedly access the job retention scheme. The only doubt is if you are a one man band how can you do no work for the company.  Instead you should look at self assessment deferral, Vat deferral and time to pay arrangements. Also don’t forget your bank and negotiating payment holidays on your mortgage or with suppliers.

Regarding the self employed scheme, the official government website has more details and will contact you directly.

Another useful resource – Remi Harris, of Remi Harris Consulting and Young Guns Network, has developed an App for the creative sector – Creative and Freelance ToolKit for C-19 UK

27.03.2020 – CULTURE AT RISK

Creative businesses

The current crisis has a profound impact on all sectors of the economy, with retail, hospitality, travel and the creative industries hit particularly hard.  A third of the creative sector workforce is self-employed, and 95% of all creative businesses are SMEs or micro-SMEs, making it particularly vulnerable.

If your space of business is at risk – artist studios and creative production space and also freelancers and self-employed, you can email the Mayor of London’s Culture at Risk office on [email protected]

26.03.2020 – Update on RENT

Dear all artists and creative companies,

These are difficult times for us all and with the landscape changing everyday, it is difficult to keep with what support is in place and when it becomes effective.  We at Collage Arts are tracking all of this on your behalf and also asking key questions from the Local Authority and the Owners of the buildings that we occupy.  We will keep you updated on all developments that affect you and your business as and when they are announced, please make sure you are getting our notices via Mail Chimp. Please make sure these notices are not going into your junk mail.

Further updates from Collage Arts are also available on this page – – currently being updated every day.

It is important that you DO NOT STOP your rent payments to Collage Arts as we still are having to make payments to the Owners of the buildings.  As soon as and if this situation changes. we will inform you all and also payback any rent if the rent hoilday we are negotiating is back dated.  We are also tracking the Business Support and Grants announced for Businesses and again will update you on all developments.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us. The office freephone number is on ansaphone and being checked everyday – 0800 0092 970.  Otherwise drop us an email, which are also being checked daily.  For emergencies, contact the emergency mobile number.

Be Safe, Stay Well
Manoj Ambasna

26.03.2020 – Update on ARTSPACE 3 – 

Dear All artists in Artspace 3 (Cumberland Road N22 7BU),

The discussion regarding Rent has clarified one issue. The building is not closed!  We were given the wrong information by officers.  So you are allowed to access the building, but please take on-board the advice from the government about social distancing .  ATTACHED is the most recent advice from Haringey Council to Community Organisations which includes information on Council buildings.

When and if we get any more information we shall share that with you immediately.

Please make sure you are getting our regular notices via mail chimp and check our web site For all updates.

Stay safe, stay well

Manoj Ambasna, Collage Arts 


27.03.2020 An app with a collection of resources – Creative and Freelancer Toolkit for c19 

26.03.2020 – Useful Links on grants available 

25.03.2020 – Useful Links on the support being made available for creative industries 

Support for Artists through Arts Council England    

Support for Film and TV Sector Workers 

For musicians, one stop resource –

Support for Musicians through PRS for Music 

Support for Musicians through Help Musicians UK

Support for Social Enterprises 

Support for Third Sector  

Support from Government to support businesses

For businesses, one stop government resource –

New announcement for Self Employed people will be made by the Government tomorrow (26.03.2020)

 24.03.2020 Notice from Haringey Council received today:

Following the government directives yesterday, I write to inform you that 40 Cumberland Road will be closed. You may have received notification to this effect but if you have not, please consider this the advice.

I appreciate the effect this will have on your business but ask you to please bear with us for now till we get this pandemic under control.

Please take care and stay safe.

Strategic Property Unit, Housing, Regeneration and Planning.

Haringey Council, River Park House 6th floor (North), London. N22 8HQ


Dear artists and creative companies,
In light of all the announcements made for Business support by the Government during the Covid 19 outbreak, below is a reminder of the ones that apply to you.

Please make sure you follow up as they fit your business, these schemes are in place to support you in paying your staff and other outgoings like rent.

Please follow up the link below and make sure you are covered.

1) The 80% job retention workers scheme – not available yet as they don’t have the mechanisms in place yet but will be available soon.
HMRC will reimburse 80% of furloughed workers wage costs, up to a cap of £2,500 per month. HMRC are working urgently to set up a system for reimbursement. Existing systems are not set up to facilitate payments to employers. If your business needs short term cash flow support, you may be eligible for a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan.

2) The business interruption loan is in place now and has many banking providers you can go to.

How to access the scheme
The scheme is now open for applications. To apply, you should talk to your bank or one of the 40 accredited finance providers (not the British Business Bank) as soon as possible, to discuss your business plan. You can find out the latest on the best ways to contact them via their websites.

All major banks are offering this scheme. If you have an existing loan with monthly repayments you may want to ask for a repayment holiday to help with cash flow.

The full rules of the scheme and the list of accredited lenders are available on the British Business Bank website.

3) Support for businesses that pay little or no business rates
The government will provide additional Small Business Grant Scheme funding for local authorities to support small businesses that already pay little or no business rates because of small business rate relief (SBBR), rural rate relief (RRR) and tapered relief. This will provide a one-off grant of £10,000 to eligible businesses to help meet their ongoing business costs.

You are eligible if:

  • your business is based in England
  • you are a small business and already receive SBBR and/or RRR
  • you are a business that occupies property

How to access the scheme
You do not need to do anything. Your local authority will write to you if you are eligible for this grant.
Guidance for local authorities on the scheme will be provided shortly.
Any enquiries on eligibility for, or provision of, the reliefs and grants should be directed to the relevant local authority.

For more information, go to the official government website:

Finally, there will be more measures announced for freelancers in the coming days and we will keep you updated on this.

Stay Safe – Stay Well

Kind regards
Collage Artists Team

17.03,2020 – UPDATE FOR ARTISTS within the Collage Artspaces from Manoj Ambasna, Executive Director, 17 March 2020 – 

Dear Artists in all Collage Artspaces,

From the advice given to everyone by the Prime Minister yesterday of avoiding all unnecessary contact and travel.

The Collage Arts offices will be closed for the next 14 days from today, 17 March 2020.

While the offices are closed only the emergency number will be available and only for real emergencies, all calls for non-emergency issues will be ignored.

We advise all of you to follow the advice being given and updated daily by the government and its health advisors.

We will update you all as and when any significant changes are advised so please look at this page (  on a regular basis.

Stay safe, stay well.

The Collage Arts Team.