Collage Arts is hosting an intercultural dialogue to share the learning from the HIT project

Collage Arts is hosting an intercultural dialogue to share the learning from the HIT project – which developed campaigns designed by young people to stop hate speech being directed at migrants and asylum seekers.

The Hate Interrupter Teams Creative Tool allows users to generate content, mainly based on storytelling and social marketing principles, which can be used in formal and non-formal education settings and widely disseminated to promote Human Rights.

The event is aimed at educators, the media, young people to reflect on two year’s work on developing campaign materials.

Manoj Ambasna, Executive Director of Collage Arts: “Collage Arts has actively participated in projects funded through the European Union for over 20 years. We have developed close working partnerships and shared practice which is central to many of the opportunities we are currently offering young people.”

In the case of the Hate Interrupter Teams project, we have gone on to develop a body of work with 7 partners schools in the borough.  Our focus now is much more young-person focused, helping young people to think about and process the way that hate speech has impacted on their lives.  They draw on their own experiences to develop songs and other creative works that becomes a tool-kit to tackle all forms of hate.  We believe that by drawing on their own experiences we can support long-term and systemic change in the way that these young people and their institutions will function.  Working on the HIT project gave us time to reflect and develop Voices Against Hate. This is what we will be sharing with the other partners.”

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Voices Against Hate is funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery Trust and London Music Fund. The HIT project has been funded by EU Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme.

For more information, contact Preeti Dasgupta, email [email protected] or call 0800 0092 970.

About HIT Project and Collage Arts 

Collage Arts and the HIT partnership have been empowering young people aged 14-19s in London, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Nicosia, Athens and Plovdiv to work together collaboratively as Hate Interrupter Teams (HITs) and develop positive (creative) media campaigns to tackle hate speech and behaviour online and offline, develop tools and good practice to support other young people, particularly from ethnic minorities.