Collage Arts helping Creative Businesses to build back better

“We’ve supported creative business for many years now,” explains Toby Fernandes of Collage Works, the training and enterprise arm of Collage Arts. “So, we are really excited to be able to help businesses to access the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Kickstart scheme which places young people at the heart of building back better.”

What is the Kickstart scheme?

The Kickstart scheme pulls together two important needs. First, it supports business to expand by taking on a young person (aged 16-24) for a fully funded, six-month placement. Second, it helps young people come off universal credit and build their skills and experience.

Toby Fernandes is excited about this opportunity. “What the Covid-19 had done is to change businesses forever. Who would have thought that a café or a chip shop would be dependent on a website and click and collect?  Young people are tech savvy. They know about the sort of social media that can transform a businesses relationship with it customers. This can find new customers and build loyalty.”

Employers get:

>> A fully funded young person to work in their business up to 25 hours a week, a prevailing minimum wage, national insurance and pension contributions

>> The opportunity to work with a young person with ideas and skills that can help their businesses build back better

>> Start dates can be staggered up until the end of December 2021 and support can be available to meet training needs that arise

Young people get:

>> A six-month paid work placement with additional training by Collage Arts to help them transform their labour market prospects

>> Current relevant work experience to build up their CV

>> Opportunities to connect with the creative industries and secure work beyond the Kickstart placement

Toby continues: “some employers are confused by the information provided by the DWP that initially talked about having to offer 30 placements.  What this means is large companies can work directly with the government, whereas smaller companies will work with gateway organisations like our team at Collage Works. The scheme really is open to employers of all sizes.

I am very proud that Collage Works was the first Kickstart gateway provider to support creative businesses in Haringey and connect them to local young people wishing to gain relevant work experience for their career pathways.”

The Kickstart scheme is open to any small to medium-sized employer who wishes to employ a young person.

For further information, contact Giorgia on [email protected].