‘Clocking’ Presentation

‘Clocking’ = Peer 2 Peer Learning in Creative and Cultural Industries across Europe = www.clockyourskills.com

You are invited to ‘CLOCK’ with other Cultural and Creative employers, freelancers, interns, volunteers and apprentices across Europe!

Full Transcript:

1.  core curriculum for cultural learning across Europe

2.  continuing professional development framework that is internationally benchmarked

3.  tool to record cultural learning activity types with skills & knowledge used

4.  enables the Accreditation and validation of non-formal &amp informal learning in the creative and cultural industries

5.  gain a higher level professional award at EQF LEVEL 4, 5 or 7

6.  recognise your current professional competencies in cultural learning, participatory arts and creative engagement gained through practical experience

7.  profile the competencies of your staff, freelancers and volunteers to engage them, plan and support their development

8.  join a European Peer Learning network + connect with regional, national and international organisations and professional networks

9.  for employees, freelancers, interns and volunteers to demonstrate their competencies to potential european employers & contractors

10.  reflect on practice, recognise achievement and plan for the future


11.  identify knowledge & skills that can be transferred to other contexts

12.  match cultural learning activities with types and sources of funding

International Facing
1 Promoting mobility and social inclusion within one or more National Qualifications Frameworks in the EU;
2 Levels driven by common EU industry requirements and protocols but indexed to European Qualifications Framework;
3 Global operations to extend the reach of the qualification and assist engagement with local VET authorities

1 Good fit with values and contexts of non-formal and informal learning;
2 Practice-based;
3 Holistic Approach;
4 Not overly formal in approach and used to a broad range of assessment practices;
5 Flexibility to work with non-formal processes that can be mapped to required outcomes