Celebrating women in business on International Women’s Day

Get the Inside track on the business that’s managed to fold itself to success, Cocorose, footwear brand with a difference.

Janan Leo, founder and designer of footwear label, Cocorose has been chatting today with BBC Business Live team about how she founded the company and the challenges in setting up and growing the company over the past 10 years.

Watch the full interview below and here are some highlights:

Cocorose, a Wood Green Chocolate Factory company, has also made it big at the Milan Expo. The company now sells its foldable shoes to over 30 countries and is turning over $1.4m per year.

On building great ideas into a business, how did you do it:  “Taking the brand and presenting it overseas… by trial and error…. using clever marketing through goodie bags to Bafta, Royal Ballet.”

Most rewarding moment: “Trying to make women’s lives easier and this was why I started the concept… not just for me but for the millions of women around the world as well”

On rejection: “I had loads of rejection but I think that just helps to make you even more determined to want to push on and not fail.”

On starting-up: “When I started 10 years, I self-funded myself. I did get knock-backs from the bank, I had to submit my business plan about 3 times before being able to get an overdraft to start.”

Watch the full interview in BBC iPlayer HERE which starts from 15.05 minutes in until 20.30.


Celebrating women in business on International Women’s Day 2018.