Celebrating success with CREUS – creative learning in unconventional spaces

We are delighted to find out that Erasmus+ project, CREUS, that Collage Arts implemented with Rinova and international partner organisations has been awarded with ‘Good Practice’ exemplar status by the Erasmus Plus UK National Agency.  A small selection of completed projects are accorded this status each year.

The CREUS project, ended in February 2020, was very positively received by the UK National Agency, which ranked it with an exceptional 83/100 assessment score.  Its final report commented that The website provides a repository of information about the project including a range of tools and resources … sharing the approach and model of peer mentoring in unconventional spaces.  Overall, 25 peer mentors and 138 young people were involved as mentees during the testing period.  Feedback suggests that the experience has been positive and it is encouraging that some challenges have also been acknowledged.

CREUS, led by Collage Arts and coordinated by Rinova, included a partnership of some of our longest-standing European partners, in Mulab (Italy), Kunstbedrijf Arnhem/Rozet (Netherlands), Hope for Children (Cyprus), and Dimitra (Greece).

Manoj Ambasna, Executive Director of Collage Arts, commented that Although the UK is leaving the EU, the impact of the EU-funded Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ projects will be felt for many years onwards with organisations such as Collage Arts. They have strengthened our teams and supported our creative practice and accreditation, as a non-formal creative arts learning organisation for over 30 years.”

Trevor Burgess of Rinova said that It was a testimony to the partnership that we got the recognition of ‘Good Practice’. CREUS was a great project to work on that went deep in exploring this area of practice with young people and had a lot of buy-in from partners and particularly the mentors.

Find out more about CREUS and the CREUS ePlatform which is a portal of information and free resources for mentors, trainers and educators.


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