They Came Before Us: celebrating the importance of British BAME women throughout London’s History

They Came Before Us – project to celebrate the importance of British Black Asian and ethnic minority women in London’s history.  Devised by Sarah Buller and Dowa Ojarikre in the Collage Works team.  50 collaborators using 5 creative responses highlighted the importance of 5 women of colour in the UK’s history spanning 750 years of heritage.  Resulting in 1 immersive exhibition and set ‘Can’t Be What You Can’t See’, 3 exhibitions, 1 digital e-book.  Funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and Collage Arts. #LondonHistoryDay #womenshistory #blackhistory #britishhistory

National Lottery Heritage Fund

Who and What?


Meet some of the historic British BAME women

Short Visual of 5 historic BAME women

Digital e-book with the 5 stories

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